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HasanAbi and Will Neff Reviews the Heart-Wrenching ‘Gay Love Story’ From the Last of Us Episode 3

Published 02/15/2023, 4:30 PM EST

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With five episodes released so far, The Last of Us TV series has already made a powerful impression on fans, even the die-hard ones. The series is taking everyone on an emotional roller coaster. But the third episode, which was released on January 29, was a total tearjerker.

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After Tess’ sacrifice, Joel and Ellie continued their trip in the third episode. But the main focus of this episode was the introduction of Bill and Frank. Bill was an important character in the game, but not much was revealed about his past. As for Frank, fans only knew that he was Bill’s partner who committed suicide after getting infected.

But the episode third focused on Bill and Frank’s love story and how they spent their life until death. Although how things ended in episode 3 was different from the game, fans couldn’t stop praising the beautiful representation of love between two gay men. Recently, Twitch streamers HasanAbi and Will Jeff also shared their thoughts on the episode.


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HasanAbi and Will Neff on The Last of Us episode 3

HasanAbi started a podcast with fellow streamers, Will Neff and QTCinderella. They talked about various topics in their latest episode, including The Last of Us. Will asked Hasan if he’s following the HBO adaptation of the 2013 released masterpiece game for PlayStation. To which Hasan agreed, leading Will to ask, “When you watched episode three, did you think of you and me?”


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The Turkish-American streamer rejected Bill’s claim, but he agreed that they can have fun together even in an apocalyptic setting. Hasan said, “I mean we could. We would definitely survive the apocalypse together very well. It’d be a lot of fun.” Eventually, they again came back to discuss the third episode.


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Then the duo talked about the love representation showcased between the two men. Will praised the makers for showcasing two hairy men instead of the usual representation on such a platform. “We do not get enough Burly gay representation. I think we are simply a wash with twinks right now,” said Will. The roles of Bill and Frank were played by Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett.

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