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HasanAbi Has An ‘Uh-Oh’ Moment After Learning About a Surprising Trait of His Adopted Dog

Published 04/24/2023, 9:50 AM EDT

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The popular leftist streamer HasanAbi recently included a new member in his family. This member was none other than a cute puppy named Kaya. Recently, he revealed the four-legged member to his fans on Twitch, leaving them all in awe.

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Although HasanAbi adopted the puppy, he did not know much about the breed. While looking up more information about Kaya, HasanAbi got some shocking revelations, and the clip of this revelation has gone viral ever since.

HasanAbi got a surprise about his adopted puppy


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The streamer knew his fans would love Kaya, so he set up another camera for his viewers to watch his puppy. Kaya peacefully played with her toys while many fans enjoyed watching its activities. While mentioning her breed, HasanAbi mentioned the puppy to be some kind of Mastiff.

As HasanAbi did not know much about the breed of the puppy, he went on YouTube to get some answers. The streamer found a video titled TIBETAN MASTIFF 101! Everything You Need to Know About the Tibetan Mastiff by YouTuber Fenrir Canine Show. The YouTuber stated that Tibetan Mastiffs are an incredible guardian breed and look majorly imposing.


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The YouTuber also revealed a fact that HasanAbi did not know. It shocked the political streamer to know the puppy he recently adopted was the most expensive dog breed in the world. The first thought that came to the streamer’s mind was “Uh-oh,” which he also blurted out loud.

The streamer and fans are loving the puppy


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Well, anyone would be surprised like HasanAbi if they found out the dog they adopted is an expensive breed after all. The streamer also shut down haters for stating his puppy is a mixed breed and will grow to a massive size. He replied to these comments by saying, “Well, I don’t really care about any of that. “This is the Gucci shirt of dogs,’ is what people will  f**king say.”


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In conclusion, fans would definitely love to stay updated about the adorable puppy. What are your thoughts on HasanAbi adopting a Mastiff? Let us know in the comment section below.

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