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HasanAbi Is Baffled As Politics Becomes the ‘Mood-Killer’ for His Date With an AI Robot

Published 04/30/2023, 11:15 AM EDT

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A content creator who is quite well known for venturing into some ‘out-of-the-book’ concepts is Airrack. His recent one on the list featured an AI robot dating idea. Airrack called in his YouTuber friends who took turns conversing with the AI robot to see whether the machine can fall in love.

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One very unique and quite confusing aspect that was present in this video was between HasanAbi and the AI. Piker is still pondering how politics became the cause of his elimination.

HasanAbi was confused after the AI robot rejected him in Airrack’s video


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Airrack really took things to the next level with his recent video ‘AI Robot Girl Speed Dates 10 YouTubers’. He brought in Sophia the AI for the dating experiment. She would interact with each one of the YouTubers and see whether they seem ‘appealing’ to her. Of all the participants, the person who got the most rating for attractiveness was HasanAbi. But interestingly, he was eliminated in the second round by Sophia.



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Apparently, the AI machine determined the results of the round after taking into consideration the conversation she had with the contestants. From what we saw, the first thing Sophia asked HasanAbi was about politics. That’s all we saw in that scene. Interestingly, according to Piker, there was a deleted segment in the video.

After Hasan started talking with Sophia, she continued to ask him about politics, even though he was trying to avoid that topic. We all know Hasan is vocal and follows all the political trends that happen domestically and internationally.

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The hilarious part comes next. After he got eliminated, he asked Sophia the reason for eliminating him. She stated that she rejected Piker because he was only talking about politics. This is both hilarious and confusing for us and Hasan. It was Sophia who asked him countless times about politics. Ironically, she rejected him on the basis of that.

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The videos were filled with similar hilarious reactions. Sophia sure did know how to make sarcastic comments. The streamers who we have seen delivering such sarcastic statements were rendered mute after they encountered Sophia. The video ending was also quite hilarious. It seemed that luck finally found Oliver Tree after he lost the bet with KSI.


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Sophie chose him in the final rounds, and he even gave her a slight kiss on her cheek. She sure did roast Oliver when she got the chance. This sure was a unique experience for both the YouTubers and the fans.



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