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HasanAbi Makes Valkyrae Blush While Commending on Her Vogue Feature

Published 05/01/2023, 12:00 PM EDT

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HasanAbi and Valkyrae are two of the most renowned names in the world of streaming. Both these massive online personalities have incredible chemistry with each other. In many instances, Hasan and Val entertained their audience with their friendly banter and hilarious sense of humor.

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Recently, Hasan took his shot at Val live on the stream. After the sensational female streamer Valkyrae posted her seven-page feature on Vogue Philippines magazine, Hasan knew exactly what he was going to do. Luring Val to his stream with the promise of games and other fun activities, Hasan went and rambled about her Vogue feature until the streamer blushed.

HasanAbi praises Valkyrae for her Vogue feature 


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Rachell Hofstetter, aka Valkyrae, is one of the biggest streamers in the world. For the past couple of years, she has been witnessing the peak of her career. From gaining an exclusive contract from YouTube to getting one of her modeling gigs featured on Time Square, the 31-year-old Val has become an icon in streaming circles. 

Recently, Vogue Philippines paid tribute to the streamer with a seven-page feature. She shared the news on Twitter, along with some BTS moments and pictures. In Hasan’s recent stream, Val appeared as a guest, and she was bombarded with praise from her streamer buddy and occasional podcast co-host. 


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“Seven-page spread in Vogue Philippines, Pinoy Gang’s very own! Rachell 100T Valkyrae Hofstetter in the building, What the f*ck!” said HasanAbi. He went on and on about Val’s feature, although she told him to stop many times. He even commented on the Twitter post, saying, “swagapino activity.”  

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Val was constantly stopping Hasan from continuously embarrassing her in front of the audience. At one point, she said, “This is so cringe” and tried to walk away. She confronted Hasan about how he lied to her, by saying they were going to spend time playing games or doing something fun instead of talking about things she was doing.

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While Val is achieving the peak with her efforts every single day, the life of a streamer has also got a toll on her. In a conversation with Anthony Padilla a couple of months ago, Rachell said, “Anyone can watch you and build some sort of like parasocial mindset with any streamer or content creator they watch, and it’s dangerous,” expressing her mindset about the risks of her career.


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