HasanAbi Reacts to Ludwig (Mogul Mail) Post Twitch Policy Change Announcement

Published 06/09/2023, 8:00 AM EDT

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Popular YouTube content creator Hasan Pike came out criticizing Twitch’s new policies and regulations. echoing Ludwig’s views on how the streaming platform is looking to restrict the revenue generated by content creators. Twitch recently announced it’s new policies regarding sponsored content.

These new policies have since received significant uproar from the streamer community due to their alleged crackdown on content creators. Ludwig took to the video streaming platform to slam the new Twitch rules as “dumb“. The new guidelines restrict creators as to what they can advertise on their channels.

HasanAbi follows Ludwig to verbally bash Twitch on policy change


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Hasan reacted to Ludwig’s reaction video regarding the new Twitch policies. He mentions that though he knows that Twitch has rolled back their new policies, he would still like to react to the aforementioned Ludwig video.

During the reaction video, he mentions that though these new regulations do not affect him so much because of his using an alternative platform, he feels the need to consider these changes from a worker’s rights perspective.


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In his video, HasanAbi claims that Twitch looks to restrict the revenue of the creators because they want a cut from all of it. He says that an involuntary revenue cut may be accepted, but forcing creators to give away part of their income does not make any sense. Hasan is seen to quote the situation as “technofeudalism” where digital organizations seemingly are making a profit by granting rights to “digital land”.


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Following the clamor across the Internet, Twitch issued an apology for the confusion created by the “confusing” and “frustrating” policy update.

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With Twitch’s apology and promises of policy revision, most content creators and streamers are pacified for now. But if a swift resolution is not reached, Twitch may end up losing even more streamers to other rising platforms like Kick and Rumble.


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