The year 2022 was an amazing one for MrBeast. He broke many records and became the most subscribed individual on YouTube. Jimmy created and uploaded many amazing videos that had many unique challenges.

He went on to make a Willy Wonka Factory in his video, crushed a Lamborghini, and even survived 50 hours in Antarctica. What his fans didn’t know is that in one of these videos, his girlfriend, Thea Booysen, was also present. She revealed it in a recent interview.


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Thea Booysen was present in one of the viral videos of MrBeast

During an interview, Thea, MrBeast’s girlfriend, revealed that she was in one of his major videos that were released last year. She shared her interesting experience of being a part of a MrBeast video. Thea was a video called the ‘100 Boys vs 100 Girls’ challenge that MrBeast did in 2022. The challenge was that whichever party stayed inside a circle would get $ 500,000.

She was one of the contestants in that challenge. Booysen revealed that she was brought in as a replacement. That is, everyone who was to be part of this challenge had to take a compulsory COVID test and unfortunately, many girls tested positive.

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It is at this time Thea got a call from the studio asking her if she could fill in, which she gladly did.

Booysen was excited and nervous about being in the challenge

“I guess I could do this 100 hours challenge” was her response to being part of the MrBeast Video. But she ended up quitting in the first 24 hours.

There were some other mini prizes as well in the challenge. Like there were hidden car keys inside toilets and whoever found it could keep the car. Thea did not want to accidentally win these as this would raise eyebrows and speculations about the event.


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The other interesting fact is that many of the cast members in the MrBeast team did not know Jimmy and Thea were dating at that time. According to her, they eventually caught on, but Jimmy was avoiding even eye contact to avoid suspicion.

Thea Booysen is also an author whose debut publication is ‘The Marked Children’. The book went on to receive positive remarks from the readers.


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