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“He Ended Up Staying at the Airport for Multiple Days”- YouTube Queen Valkyrae Once Revealed a Terrifying Experience She Had With a “Crazy Fan”

Published 03/13/2023, 9:30 AM EDT

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Every streamer has come across crazy fans who can go to some great heights to grab their favorite streamer’s attention. Some fans start imagining knowing these internet stars for a long time, even though they have never met them. Valkyrae is one such streamer who has dealt with parasocial fans since the start of her career.

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Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstteter is one of the most popular female streamers. She has millions of followers across the globe, and one of them once reminded her of the “parasocial mindset” of some fans. She once shared about such a terrifying incident with a fan in an interview with Anthony Padilla.

Valkyrae shared her crazy experience with a parasocial fan


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A few months ago, Valkyrae appeared on Anthony Padilla’s interview show. Padilla is famous for having famous internet personalities and talking about their struggles, success, and many other things related to them. Similarly, he discussed a variety of topics with Valkyrae, ranging from her breakthrough to controversies.

But the most fascinating bit of the interview was when Rae talked about fans forming relationships with her and many other content creators, which they aren’t aware of and are terrifying. She said, “Anyone can watch you and build some sort of like parasocial mindset with any streamer or content creator they watch, and it’s dangerous.


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Even Padilla agreed on this point with the 31-year-old streaming sensation. Then Rae shared one of her own experiences with a parasocial fan. “I have a crazy fan that actually flew in from out of state. He ended up staying at the airport for multiple days and recording videos of himself saying like “I’m not leaving until Rae picks me up.”

“It was like “If she goes to Coachella without me, I’m gonna be really disappointed. And, I’m just sad that like she wanted me to fly out here, and she’s not even coming to like pick me up. I know that she wants to see me.” And, it’s like really, really crazy,” Valkyrae further shared about that fan.


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Valkyrae isn’t the only streamer who had to face such crazy fans. The famous Twitch streamer, Amouranth, also came across a fan from overseas, who became a chaotic stalker of her. After seeing these streamers’ experiences, one thing is clear: with fame also come crazy fans.

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