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“He Was Hanging It Around His Neck” – Amouranth Reveals About Her Unsettling Encounter With A Strange Fan At The Houston TwitchCon

Published 06/04/2023, 7:30 AM EDT

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Amouranth has revealed one of the most strange interactions with a viewer during a stream at TwitchCon. 

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Kaitlyn Siragusa has had her fair share of stalkers. Be it her home or even a massive event, the troublemakers have always found ways to ruin her day. Still, she always kept up with them, not losing her cool. After all, she had millions at stake, so she had to keep up appearances. But does that mean she is not human? Well, for starters, Amouranth works relentlessly to achieve her dreams. So, if there’s some bad moment spoiling it, she can break down. 

Such had been the case during the Houston TwitchCon, where she had a bizarre incident. Amouranth revealed this on the 100 Thieves podcast, talking about how it affected her in time.


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Amouranth reveals a sad TwitchCon incident

100 Thieves recently started a new podcast called ‘That’s what she said. They invited Amouranth to talk about her personal life, business, OnlyFans, and more. It was an hour-long conversation that fans enjoyed the most as they learned new things about the streamer. But then, there was one bit that grabbed everyone’s attention as it changed the tone. 

There, Amouranth revealed a shocking incident at one of the TwitchCons that put her in an awkward spot. Apparently, the AMSR queen dressed up as Spider Gwen for the Houston TwitchCon event(cosplay convention), the place where the incident happened. She was casually streaming and conversing with viewers when she saw a man holding a ‘free hugs’ sign.


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“This guy comes up to me with a sign on his like shirt and he’s hanging it from like around his neck and it says free hugs and he doesn’t even saying it the word to me he’s just like you know emotions and I’m like I’m on stream, and I don’t want to seem like an a*shole right running a booth and I’m supposed to be nice you know to fans,” she narrated the incident.

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Sadly, the hug put Amouranth in an awkward spot, as she demonstrated it to Brooke on the podcast. And mind you, one could easily make it how horrifying it would’ve been in real life. But well, we know Amouranth and her quick response to such situations as she walked right out of it and continued to shine.


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Today, she ranks among the elites despite multiple controversies, as fans appreciate her for her work.

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