Here Are Top 10 Fan Arts for Genshin Impact Keqing to Celebrate the Most Awaited Day of the Year

Published 11/20/2022, 12:30 PM EST

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Characters in Genshin Impact are the heart and soul of this video game. Notably, they are the key to a player’s successful adventure on the utopian lands. So, how can someone forget the birthday of the much-loved characters? Let’s see what the people have prepared for Keqing’s birthday.

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Genshin Impact is a free-to-play role-playing video game. Coming in as one of the best gacha games in the community, the game unfolds the action-adventure storyline on the lands of Teyvat. Notably, characters play a pivotal role in the game. Moreover, they become the sole power of the player to defeat enemies while paving a successful journey. Above all, as a tribute to Keqing, here’s what the fans prepared.


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Fans share their beautiful art pieces to celebrate Genshin Impact Keqing’s birthday

Keqing lives in the game as a playable Electro character. Chiefly being a 5-star character, she becomes one of the greatest characters in the game. Moreover, she is a sword-wielder who can cause huge AoE Cryo DMG to the enemies.

Recently, Genshin Impact gave her birthday wishes by saying, “Happy Birthday, Keqing! Thank you for accompanying me on my walk today. Taking time to rest does help to increase work productivity in the future.” With those lovely words, the entire community rejoiced to wish her a great birthday. Chiefly, to portray their warm wishes, fans produced amazing artwork for the birthday queen. Therefore, here are the top 10 fan art pieces:


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Fan Art #1

Bouquets, balloons, party poppers, and a great smile. Doesn’t that clearly define what a birthday celebration is? Thus, the Twitter user kei @ ANYC H02 (@_keiuu) marvelously depicts the birthday celebrations for Keqing.

Fan Art #2

Moreover, the Twitter user emmi 🍡 @ANYC D22 (@emmikn_) delivers the perfect photo which everyone deserves on their birthday. Here’s the fan art prepared by the user:

Fan Art #3

Ultimately, it all leads to paving your way to success, and Keqing’s sword becomes one to clear any hindrance in the journey. Hence, the Twitter user Nium (@nium_404) presents the seriousness of the sword-wielder:

Fan Art #4

All spotlights to the birthday queen, Keqing. Profusely presenting the character in a bright limelight to make the eyes sparkle, the Twitter user HAYUN / 12코@お仕事募集中 (@HAYUN_ART) presents a magnificent art piece. Hence, below is the art piece prepared by the user:

Fan Art #5

Birthday cake! Isn’t the birthday delicacy the highlight of the most celebrated day of the year? Therefore, the Twitter user Minicase Official (@Minicase_CN_EN) presents the birthday celebration in the art piece below:

Fan Art #6

Moreover, the Twitter user xiahiko | Art raffle! (@xiahiko) presents a sweet and wholesome portrait of Keqing propagating the beautiful message of nothing but peace. Here is the art piece prepared by the fan:

Fan Art #7

FIREWORKS! What a moment it is to adore the beautiful fireworks on a starry night! Thus, the Twitter user 𝙽𝚊𝚖𝚒⊹・. “@nami_rkgk” presents a beautiful picture of Keqing admiring the fireworks:

Fan Art #8

Just like the Electro character sparks the battlefield, the Twitter user ✨ InkSilvery (commissions open) ✨ (@InkSilvery) presents the 5-star character shining brightly. Here is the tweet showing the artwork:

Fan Art #9

The art piece by the Twitter user Nethi (@Netheris_) evidently shows that Keqing still shines bright, even without colors. All in all, her beauty and her caring nature towards The Traveller are enough to make anyone smile. Hence, here is the top- notch artwork prepared by the user:

Fan Art #10

Hence, the birthday celebration might get over. Nevertheless, Keqing’s journey on the Genshin Impact lands never stops. Thus, the Twitter user Mira (@versacelight) presents the 5-star Electro on the lands of Teyvat. Is she searching for her next quest?


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Given the art pieces, one can safely say that the fans happily celebrate Keqing’s birthday. Moreover, it is important to note that every art piece prepared by a fan is nothing less than a spectacle. Hence, all fan arts are to be wholeheartedly appreciated. Thus, once again, let’s wish Keqing a very happy birthday.


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Which fan art from the above is your favorite? Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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