Gunfire Games’ Remnant II is a shooter and action game on the 3rd person POV platform. This role-playing game brought much excitement among fans. This game was launched in May 2023. Following the sale of more than one million copies globally, Remnant II became one of the fan favorites for sure. However, this game’s apocalypse mode brought more spotlight on the game. 

Following the completion of the main campaign mode, players can access the apocalypse mode. This Souls-like video game was already a hit for its melee weapon and ability to control two guns at a time. Now players are excited to know more about the rewards and weapons that are waiting in the apocalypse mode of the game. 

How to unlock the Apocalypse weapons in Remnant II?


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Gunfire Games’ Remnant II caught a lot of spotlight after its release in July this year. What makes the game so desirable is its Apocalypse mode. This mode offered the hardest difficulties for players. Primarily, this mode is locked in the game and players have to complete the main campaign mode to unlock it.

Although finishing Remnant II in Apocalypse mode might be very challenging for players, this mode offered some additional rewards and unlocks for the players. One of the rewards of playing Remnant II in Apocalypse mode is the exclusive weapons players can unlock here. These weapons are exclusive and known as Apocalypse weapons. 

What are the Apocalypse weapons? 

There are a total of four Apocalypse weapons, which are truly lucrative for gamers to defeat their enemies. However, without unlocking and finishing Apocalypse mode, players can’t really get a hold of these weapons. With the help of Apocalypse weapons, players found Remnant II more exciting and fun to play. 

Four Apocalypse weapons of Remnant II

Four Apocalypse weapons in Remnant II are Repulsor, Savior, Starkiller, and World’s Edge. While these weapons are crazy enough to mesmerize fans, players really need to execute Apocalypse mode well to unlock these. 


In Remnant II, repulsor is one of the most effective weapons as it is basically a mid-range long gun. Repulsor basically worked as an assault device. It was proven good enough for any class in the game. Now the fun fact about repulsor is that, with one interesting mod named Banish in the weapon, players can send their opponent to another dimension for 4 seconds. In fact, while coming back, the opponent suffers 1.25x damage from the shots of the repulsor for eight seconds. This Banish mod might not be able to send powerful opponents to other dimensions, but it can really make continuous damage. 


Savior is another long-ranged weapon similar to repulsor. This weapon offered higher damage to single targets in Remnant II. Savior had a low magazine with strong mods offering better hits for the players. This weapon can only be bought after completing the Hardcore Veteran level in Remnant II. In a nutshell, players have to finish all the difficult challenges of Apocalypse mode to unlock the savior weapon. Savior’s Shatterstar mod is an interesting aspect of this weapon.

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Following this mod, players can shoot bullets at enemies with fire that can cause a burning effect. Shatterstar mod offered players 10 damages in a second. If players can use Savior’s Shatterstar mod to hit a weak enemy and kill them then the shot will splinter causing more damage to other enemies. 


Starkiller is also a long-ranged gun, which offers a zoom of 2.5x zoom to users. Starkiller looked like a wooden gun, which is only available for players after completing Apocalypse mode’s difficulties. Starkiller also has a special mod, Gravity Core. This mod helped players to create a gravity sphere, which pulled enemies for five seconds. 

After catching the enemies in the sphere, this gravity hole explodes causing massive damage to the nearby people. Starkiller really appeared like a powerful weapon that has abilities to knock down more opponents in Remnant II. 

World’s Edge


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When Remnant II’s three other apocalypse weapons are guns, the world’s edge is a sword, which is best suited for crowd control. Players in the challenger archetype can use this weapon well. World’s Edge is an apocalypse weapon, which is easy to get for players after completing the main campaign mode. Basically, players can buy it from scrap after debuting in the apocalypse mode. However, the world’s Edge’s Horizon Strike mod is effective as it attacks through horizontal waves and beats many enemies at once. 

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From welding up two guns at a time to the exciting apocalypse weapons, Remnant II is already a hit among players. However, to buy these apocalypse weapons, players need to defeat Annihilation at apocalypse difficulty. After that, these weapons can be purchased from Brabus at Ward 13. Players can level up their class with the progress of the gameplay and unlock more weapons. Remnant II is definitely a great RPG for the fans, which brought the essence of the action-shooter genre as well. 


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