The PlayStation 5 exclusive superhero spectacle Spider-Man 2 is not very far from launch, and fans are getting more and more restless by the day. This newest adventure featuring everybody’s favorite wallcrawler is looking just too good, but it looks like Insomniac wanted fans to get a closer look at it.

Hence, during a recent State of Play showcase, they released a brand-new trailer for this game, showcasing a number of new gameplay features and much more.

Remarkable features seen in the Spider-Man 2 trailer


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Here’s everything that was showcased in the latest Spider-Man 2 gameplay trailer –

1. There are over 65 suits to choose from in Spider-Man 2

First and foremost, Spider-Man 2 is just going to push the boundaries of customization by featuring around 65 suits. These would include designs from games, movies, and a bunch of original designs made by Insomniac Games themselves.

If this was not enough, these suits would allow for heavy customization. Players would have the freedom to customize those suits according to their preferences, giving those suits a personal touch.

2. Double the playground, double the fun

When players found out that Spider-Man 2 would be set in New York City, they were worried that maybe Insomniac was not putting much effort into this sequel. But the recent trailer revealed that this game would also introduce Queens as its playable area. This would nearly double the playground for the players.

3. No more getting lost

Insomniac has introduced a beacon system in Spider-Man 2. Players would see a bunch of symbols or beacons all around New York City. Every single one of these beacons symbolises a different mission.

This means players would be able to easily decide what mission they want to swing to.

4. On-fly character switch

Spider-Man 2 features a brand-new mechanic that allows players to switch between the two Spider-Men on the fly. There’s no waiting and no load time in doing so. Although sometimes this feature would be available when players were doing character-specific missions,

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This is not a revolutionary feature in any way; it’s still exciting to have.

5. A dark story with a light mood

The game’s story would have some very dark themes, but it looks like the game would retain that funky humor that Spider-Man media is very well known for. But when a game has villains such as Kraven the Hunter and Venom, it is naturally shaping up to be pretty dark.

6. Numerous new frame rate mods

Insomniac Games has decided to give its fans a surprise like no other. They revealed that Spider-Man 2 would run at 30 fps with ray tracing and 40 fps with ray tracing, which would be specifically for those with a 120-hertz display. And finally, 60 fps with ray tracing. It is unheard of for games to run at 60 fps on consoles with ray tracing on, the only other game that does this is GTA 5 for PS5 which has ray-traced shadows.


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Once again Insomniac Games proves that they are masters when it comes to creating the best-looking and best running games on the platform.

7. A new challenger arrives

One of the most crucial things about this Spider-Man 2 trailer is the brand-new villain that was showcased to the fans. Insomniac shows that one of Spider-Man’s most charismatic adversaries Mysterio would join in on the fun. It would be interesting to see how he fits in the story as the game already has a bunch of major villains from Venom to Lizard and even Kraven the Hunter. Here’s hoping he is not just a one-off character.


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These were some of the features that Insomniac Games showed us in this new trailer. Now just sit back and wait for the launch date, which is great.

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