The real winners from the Microsoft-Sony drama may well be the fans, though we don’t know it yet. Sony’s protest against the Xbox makers taking over Activision Blizzard may end up with both console makers dropping the prices of their products.

Despite this, the legal battle isn’t dying out anytime soon. The FTC-Microsoft trial is bringing out more and more startling news every day. As the latest news leak, Microsoft has given away vital information as part of their defense against PlayStation makers’ allegations.

Microsoft-Sony: What’s the deal?


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Microsoft’s proposal of taking over Activision-Blizzard stirred the community pretty intensely. The announcement made Sony scurry to put a stop to the deal and they haven’t left any stone unturned in the process. Sony alleged that the deal will lead to PlayStation users being restricted from accessing Activision titles. At the forefront of the argument is the issue of Call of Duty. However, CoD developers haven’t had much say in the matter yet.

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Irrespective of Sony’s accusations, Microsoft maintains that Sony does not need to worry about such an issue and Xbox will ensure all future Activision games’ availability on PS platforms. Microsoft also said that Sony is currently the leader in the console industry and the deal will absolutely not dethrone them so easily.

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Xbox also pointed out that PlayStation has multiple exclusive titles to its name, whereas Xbox lacks in that aspect significantly. Amidst all the bickering, Microsoft may have revealed something that is sure to delight video game fans all around.

New Sony console to be super affordable?


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As part of their argumentation, Microsoft alleged that Sony may be sitting on a new console, revealing one Reddit post on the group r/GamingLeaksAndRumours. The Xbox creators didn’t stop there and dropped more insights into the possible release date of the console as well as its probable pricing. According to Microsoft’s testaments, Sony’s new PlayStation 5 Slim console will be a digital edition that’s likely to come out later this year.

Xbox also mentioned that Sony will be aggressive in its sales plans with the new console by aiming to compete with the Xbox Series S. The PS5 Slim digital edition is likely to be available to purchase for $399.99. At this price range, it can well be a great substitute for the other pricey Sony consoles.


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Sony’s speculative new console would certainly help the company to sell more units and re-establish them as the dominant figure in the industry. Do you think you’ll want to get yourself the PlayStation 5 Slim as a Christmas present? Tell us your thoughts on this below!

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