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“Hope These Continue to Happen” – Fans in Support After Call of Duty Cheat Creators Get Fined With $3 Million for Damages to Activision

Published 02/23/2023, 11:50 AM EST

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Cheating is by far one of the most severe offenses in the online gaming community. Especially the Call of Duty community is the most strict with cheaters and cheat makers. But still, many individuals have neglected the warning and did the unforgiving job of cheating or trespassing the game’s systems and making cheats for others to exploit. 

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This time, to set up an example, Activision has taken the most extreme path to make sure the cheater pays for their crime, literally. The lawsuit that Activision filed back in 2022, has finally disclosed its verdict and decided to punish one of the most well-known cheat providers with a massive fine for “damages”. 

Activision wins the lawsuit against EngineOwning


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Back in January 2022, the developers of Call of Duty, Activision, sued the cheat-providing corporation named EngineOwning. The devs claimed that the cheats have caused them “millions of dollars” in damages. In October, the accusers also claimed that some of the biggest names in the streaming scene have also used these cheats in their streams

EngineOwning had been selling cheats for Warzone and many other Call of Duty games. They are also responsible for Halo Infinite cheats. While there are a lot of buyers for their codes, most of the gaming community had bitter opinions about the company and whoever used their cheats was ostracized from the games. 


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But still, it wasn’t enough to stop them. However, with the 2022 lawsuit, Activision had shown that they don’t condone cheaters. The case ran for a whole year but finally, the verdict is out and the two of the main culprits who were responsible for the cheats are fined a massive sum of $3 million for damages to Activision. 

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Back in October 2021. Activision had released an anti-cheat system, RICOCHET. Which only in a year’s duration banned over 500,000 COD accounts for instances of misdemeanors and cheating. 

The fans support the verdict of the lawsuit

The fans were highly supportive of how things turned out. Many of them shared how much they support Activision’s actions against cheaters who ruin the games. The fans hope that this will continue in the future.


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