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“How Many Emeralds?”- Fans Delighted As Pringles Joins Hands With Minecraft To Give the ‘Suspicious’ Flavored Snack

Published 04/15/2023, 11:00 AM EDT

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Pringles Minecraft chips are a reality now. It is common for established games to expand their merchandise by partnering with other established products. And Pringles has tied up multiple times with games. Pringles partnered with Halo earlier, to launch a limited-edition Pringles Wavy Moa Burger. This flavor was only available to buy from Walmart stores.

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Now, Pringles has partnered up with yet another title. Pringles Minecraft’s Suspicious Stew is an actual flavor coming to the US markets exclusively. While players would still not know the flavor of Minecraft’s suspicious stew, they surely will find that out with Pringles chips.

Pringles bring Minecraft-flavored chips


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Kellogg’s, the producers of Pringles, have described the chips as having “a burst of rich, hearty and savory flavor” and being a “novel tasting experience.” The original Minecraft suspicious stew is made from mushrooms and flowers. It is highly unlikely that they would make Pringle’s version from flowers. But, there may be a mushroom flavor in these chips.


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Pringles has claimed that eating these stew chips would not have the same effects as in the game. In addition to the new flavor, Kellogg’s also has made a special edition of Captain Crunch called Minecraft Creeper Crunch.


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Along with all this, Kellogg’s has also launched a promotion in which customers who purchase any Pringles can or other participating product may upload their receipt to Kellogg’s site and receive 350 Minecoins.

Fans ‘suspicious’ of the new Pringles Minecraft flavor

While fans still don’t know what the chips would taste like, they are assuming the flavors. Many believe this would have normal flavors, like sour cream & onion. @mv1025._ expressed some radical views by saying the chips would be ‘grass-flavored’.

User @chase_two2 expressed his liking for the newly edited Pringles logo for this Minecraft can. The can showed Mr. Pringles in gaming attire by wearing a headset. User @chase_two2 also received a response from user @dio_t.c, who wanted more Pringles collaborations for games. He felt that some flavors from other games would fit well with Pringles.

User @mylowvibes also suggested a new flavor of Pringles inspired by Zelda. He wanted a Breath of the Wild‘s Dubious stew-flavored Pringles chips.


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User @petr.beck.902 has asked how many emeralds will these flavored chips cost him to buy.

In conclusion, fans still don’t know the actual flavor of other upcoming Minecraft chips. While some want to eat them to satisfy their curiosity, some fans are trying to steer clear of eating these chips.


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What are your thoughts on the Pringles-Minecraft collaboration? Let us know in the comment section below.



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