How to Become a Great Manager in EA FC 24: Improve Fitness Training Plans, Tactical Vision, Coaches and Much More

Published 09/27/2023, 5:04 PM EDT

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The latest EA FC +24 will offer gamers to create history with many famous soccer teams not as just a player but as a manager too. While it is great to win matches with your favorite soccer team, it is kind of a next-level adventure to manage your favorite team and see it win the EPL trophy. It is truly a remarkable opportunity for many.

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Now to become an efficient team manager players need to go through different strategies and tools. Beginning from fitness training plans and tactical vision, player need great skills to help their team win. Now that some players have already received early access to this most awaited soccer video game from Electronic Arts, we brought you some details about becoming a skilled soccer team manager in this virtual soccer world.

Steps to become a pro team manager in EA FC 24


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Here are some details about the process, which can bring out the best club manager in you.

Efficiency in Fitness Training Plans

In this virtual soccer world, if players want to become a pro team manager then they ideally need to focus on both the sharpness and fitness of their team. This is because these are the two important factors that will eventually manage the team’s performance against its opponent. Players need to effectively manage this Fitness Training Plan to keep a balance of both fitness and sharpness of their team. The fitness statistics are represented by a glowing icon.


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The diamond icon represents the players’ sharpness. Now to ensure that the team performs perfectly on the pitch, as a manager, players need to keep this fitness and sharpness meter to its fullest. While it can help the team players achieve both physical and mental excellence, people can find balancing these two meters quite challenging at times.

Training Plan adjustment

As managers, players can also improve their soccer team’s fitness by adjusting their Training Plans and making a great focus on energy. It will boost the recovery process of the players and enhance their fitness. Additionally, players can use the All Out Energy Plan to make a significant increase in the player’s fitness regime.

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However, this plan may take away all the sharpness from the players in return.

Developing players sharpness

While as a manager players need to take a strong focus on their soccer team’s fitness, they also need to equally balance the sharpness of the members. A performance-focused Training Plan can help managers increase the sharpness of their soccer team players.

All Out Performance Plan can make a significant upgrade in the sharpness but it will completely lower the fitness of the soccer players. Therefore one needs to effectively balance both the fitness and the sharpness meters to ensure that their team performs the best.

Team’s main tactics

Players can shape their team’s main tactics as a manager and create a significant identity. In EA FC 24, players can choose from a variety range of tactical philosophies and apply them to the team to make more effective progress on the pitch. Managers need to select a specific football philosophy as the team’s main tactic. They can further customize it by using various settings and visions. However, managers cannot completely change certain standard settings of the game.

Recruitment and scout

Players can additionally utilize their technical philosophy and recruit effective players from other teams by using the scouting system. Now that each position will offer different key attributes to the game, players need to provide great scouting so that they can choose players excellently for those positions. It is like following the opponent team’s great players and actually trying to buy that player for the name game as a true manager.

Coaching Staff

As a manager, players need to understand the importance of coaching Staff. Coaching Staff will ensure the development of individual players and the proper execution of tactical philosophy. Therefore, choosing a skilled Coaching Staff can reward the manager is executing the tactical vision perfectly on the team.

Tactical knowledge

The seven tactical visions in EA FC 24 will provide tactical knowledge to the game coaches. However, they will start as novices in all the tactics and upgrade their knowledge over time. Players need to assign a coach effectively to ensure that they properly contribute to the development of the team players.



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Managers can additionally assign different coaches to their teams. Now that coaches are important for the team’s performance,  players need to be extra cautious in using their tactical knowledge. This will help them to choose a perfect coach for their teams.

EC FC 24 developers took the players’ ambitions of becoming soccer managers to the next level. From tactics to fitness, players are offered a realistic glimpse into the world of soccer managers of renowned teams. Now if you wish to explore this area of football, try out the manager mode in EA FC 24 and make history with your favourite team as a manager.


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What’s your take on becoming a strategic mastermind in FC 24? Share your plans with us below!

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