Fortnite has always led the gaming world by example when it comes to some top-tier collaborations and Easter eggs. The developers of the tactical shooter have constantly made efforts throughout the title’s run to keep the Battle Royale relevant with pop culture and social media trends. Now, as the superhit OG chapter is ending soon, keeping up with the newfound limelight has to be a huge challenge for Epic Games. Well, it seems like the developers are in all readiness as the upcoming lineup of Fortnite just keeps getting better as Chapter 4 nears its end. 

Thanks to the homecoming season of Fortnite, the Battle Royale has successfully pulled off its lifetime peak in active participation. This achievement itself testifies to the fact that there cannot be a better time to bank on the hype built around Fortnite. Certainly, the developers are aware of the same, as rumors suggest. there’s so much about to happen in a matter of days. Among all the speculated collaborations, the Invincible crossover is getting some extra attention. The latest viral leaks have now unveiled the information you need to know about the grand merger. 

Fortnite Invincible crossover bundle details leaked along with the expected release date 


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Gaming fans are no stranger to Fortnite collaborations making headlines. However, this time, the buzz is hotter than ever. According to the most recent leaks that have surfaced on the web, the Fortnite and Invincibles merger that was subjected to plenty of rumors lately is arriving in the game sooner than projected.

The scoop claimed Invincible bundle will be available on November 24, 2023, from 7 p.m. ET. The bundle is set to include an interesting range of cosmetics. “For the cape backblings, one of Omni-Man’s Capes are built-in, and one can be used on everyone. Same with the two Atom Eve Capes”, the scoop’s tweet reads. 

Earlier, there had been speculations of the Invincible skins arriving as patch update 27.2 in the shops. But that didn’t turn out to be the case. By the time of writing, there hasn’t been any official confirmation made by the developers. But if the rumors are to be trusted, an announcement for the Invincible bundle seems imminent. 


Moreover, popular streamer NickEh30 was lucky enough to get his hands on the Invincible bundle through early access. In his latest Twitch livestream, he unveiled what the skins would look like in the game.

How to get the Invincible Stars’ skins in the game? 


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From the Invincible to Omni-Man to Atom Eve, the heroes have assembled! Getting the invincible bundle pack would be simple. You will be able to access the skins after buying them from the in-game stores. According to what’s been revealed to date by the data miners, there might not be any other way to get your hands on the bundle besides spending some bucks in the game. 

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It is important to note that the leaks suggest all the skins from the Invincible bundle might be made unavailable towards the end of the nostalgia season. The Fortnite Invincible bundle is expected to cost approximately 2,500 V-Bucks, even though it hasn’t been officially confirmed. The skins for Atom Eve, Omni-Man, and Invincible may cost closer to 1,500 V-Bucks each.


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So, are you set to enjoy the final phase of the OG fest with your favorite comic book stars? 

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