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“I Am Training With Professionals, With World Champions” – Twitch Star Amouranth Affirms Strong Preparedness Ahead of Ibai Illanos’ Boxing Event

Published 03/06/2023, 7:30 AM EST

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Amouranth is delighted to feature in Ibai Llanos’ boxing event, La Velada Del Ano 3, and here are some things you might not know. 

The last week of February was the bearer of good news as Amouranth dazzled fans with a career update. Apparently, she announced to feature in a duel, something that fans never expected from her. The ASMR queen dropped the bomb on February 28, uploading a dedicated post on Twitter. However, she had teased a bit of it in the previous week, but one could barely decode it due to low resources. 

Now, with the news out in public, Amo’s community was far more excited to see her break some bones in the arena. But before that, tournament host Ibai uploaded a video of having a conversation with her. In that, he wanted to understand her to take on how she felt participating in the event as she was the first American to do so. And well, her reply instantly caught the attention of thousands of fans. 


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Amouranth is very happy to represent her country in Ibai Llanos’s boxing event 

It is no secret that Ibai’s boxing event is one of the prestigious ones in the industry as it holds multiple records. For instance, the 2021 edition became the ‘most watched sporting event’ on Twitch, alluring over 3.3 million fans. However, until the 2022 edition, the competition only starred YouTubers from the Spanish culture.


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So, to expand the horizon, Ibai decided to introduce participants from different parts of the world, calling out Amouranth. And keeping that in mind, he wanted to understand why accepted the invite and how she felt about the entire event. 


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Plus, Amo faced issues with her passport, so that was another hassle to go through. Still, she decided to move on, promising the duel on July 1. “Thanks for having me. I am super honored to be the only American in this, so it’s awesome,” she said while talking in the podcast. Then, the show host, also claimed her to make history as no American had participated in the Spanish boxing creator event. For that, she said, “It’s awesome because I saw the event last year, and it was super cool.”  


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Last but not least, she concluded her bit letting out two messages for her opponent. “I am training with professionals, with world champions, watch out, I’m strong.” So, with a few months remaining before the big night, are you rooting for the ASMR queen to knockout or do you think she might have a tough fight? 

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