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“I Fell Asleep” – Massive Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Trailer Fails to Leave Dr Disrespect Breathless

Published 05/29/2022, 12:00 PM EDT

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Dr. Disrespect has been trending for the past couple of days. The two-timer has left no chance to stay away from the limelight by connecting himself to some events. Recently, he became part of an unnecessary argument where fans blamed him for tripping Steph Curry. Thanks to some video clips and images that proved his innocence. 

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Apart from that, Doc hosted a Fortnite tournament worth $100,000 called Hotshot duo drop. The event was a grand success as it grabbed the attention of many popular streamers who teamed up as participants for it. 


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While streaming the event, Doc reacted to the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 reveal trailer, and his reaction wasn’t positive at all. 

Dr. Disrespect reacts to the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 reveal trailer!

Doc has always had a love/hate relationship with the Activision series and has spoken about it quite a few times. A prime example of it was his Vanguard reaction where he clearly mentioned disliking it. With that, fans were eager to know the two-timer’s reaction to the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare II. 

As a result, Doc reacted to it on the stream during his HotShot Duo Drop tournament. His reaction wasn’t exactly positive and slammed the franchise into their dull marketing campaign. He said, ‘Sorry I missed that. What are we looking at here? Holy Sh*t. Did we just forget about Caldera? Is there anything else?’ It proved that the creator was not at all satisfied with it as the Infinity Ward had messed up big time. 


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The mention of Caldera proved that Doc did miss Warzone as he sadly parted ways with it a few days back. 


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Later, during the stream, a viewer tried to divert Herschel’s attention toward the character reveal on COD’s official Twitter page. But as soon as the Warzone ace had a look, he shouted, ‘There ain’t nothing.’ ‘It’s getting to the point where marketing is saving Call of Duty.’

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In conclusion, his reaction has proved his disinterest in the trailer. So now, his fans can only wait to know his true feelings about Call of Duty Modern Warfare II coming out this October. 

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