“I Knew the Hate I’d Get. Tarik is much deserving”: Streamer Kyedae Shares Why Winning ‘Best Valorant Streamer’ Award Was a Total Nightmare

Published 03/13/2023, 12:10 PM EDT

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In the recently wrapped, The Streamer Awards 2023, Kyedae won the ‘Best Valorant Streamer’ award, becoming the Queen of Valorant on Twitch. However, instead of feeling proud and accomplished, the award induced dread in the streamer’s heart. In a recent tweet, she shared how she wished for it to be a mistake. 

Valorant is one of the most popular online competitive FPS in the current streaming meta on Twitch. Although it has a platform-wide presence on Twitch, the scene is mostly dominated by the male demographic, which sometime may seem very ‘unwelcoming’ or ‘even scary’ for some female streamers to dip their toes in. 

However, against all odds, Kyedae is one of the select few female creators on Twitch who has managed to make a name for herself in the Valorant category. Although she is beloved by the community, which is apparent by her win at the streamer awards, she is afraid of the overprotective fans in the community, who prefer more traditional streamers like Tarik.  


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Kyedae was afraid of her Valorant award

On Twitter, the official announcement from the award show, which shared Kyedae’s win, received a peculiar reply from the streamer herself. Kyedae wrote, “The moment I won I felt more dread than anything because I knew the hate I’d get. Woohoo. Tarik is much more deserving of this award than anyone, but it was fan-voted. Not my fault. And I’m so sorry for whoever this upset.”


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Expressing her concerns and fear that winning the award could trigger the conservative fanbase, she apologized beforehand. Making it clear that she had nothing to do with the decision, it was decided by fan votes. The organizer of the whole event, QTCinderella, also replied to clear things up. 

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“For everyone talking sh*t on kyedae understand this is 70% based on popular vote- here’s the final numbers,” said QT. She also shared the results saying that Kye was most voted, followed by Jodi and then Tarik and Shazam. “It’s sad to see results from my award show being used to hate on creators who are meant to be celebrated please grow up and do better.” Seeing the toxic behavior of the community, QT even shared that she is planning to remove the Valorant category next year. 

The fans share their concern about Kyedae’s statement

The fans soon poured in the tweet’s replies to share their thoughts on the situation. While most of the fans expressed positive opinions, there was a group that kept on peddling negativity in the replies. 


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