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“I Legit Bawled My Eyes Out” – The Heart-Warming “Father-Daughter” Interaction Left Several ‘The Last of Us’ Fans in Tears

Published 03/06/2023, 2:10 PM EST

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The Last of Us is among the most-streamed series right now. With each episode, the series just got better and better. Now the whole world is looking forward to the season finale. But until the much-awaited Episode 9 drops, the fans won’t be able to stop thinking about the latest episode.

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The penultimate episode was full of high-octane action. A lot happened in this episode, from the debut of Scott Shepherd as David to Joel waking up from his comatose state. Moreover, this episode saw the original Joel, Troy Baker, as James. But the most impactful scene was the father-daughter interaction between Joel and Ellie.

Joel called Ellie ‘baby girl’ in The Last of Us Episode 8


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In Episode 8, Ellie came across a cannibalistic group and their leader psychopath leader David. Despite being traumatized by the group, she only had one thing in her head, which was to protect Joel. The show’s creator claimed that Ellie can do anything for Joel, even if it meant killing David.

Meanwhile, the same can be said about Joel. He was in a comatose state after the injury he received in Episode 6. Pedro Pascal’s character literally overcame death to go look for Ellie in this episode. Like Ellie, he can also kill anyone, as he tortured members of David’s group to get information.


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But the last scene of the episode showed how Joel feels about Ellie now, as he comforts a disturbed Ellie and says, “It’s okay, baby girl.” From the pilot episode, we know that he used to call his daughter Sarah ‘baby girl’. She was the most important person in Joel’s life. So losing her was the worst nightmare that came true to him.

But now Joel might have found a new daughter in Ellie and calling Ellie ‘baby girl’ was enough proof to solidify the fact. “Joel saves her but more emotionally,” the show and game’s creator Neil Druckmann said about the father-daughter interaction in Episode 8. Druckmann added, “He hasn’t said it in 20 years, which is baby girl, which is what he called his daughter.”

Fans teared up at the father-daughter moment

The father-daughter interaction between Ellie and Joel was the best scene of Episode 8, even better than Ellie’s fight with David. This heart-warming scene teared up the fanbase.


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What are your thoughts about Joel and Ellie’s relationship in The Last of Us? Let us know in the comments.

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