PlayStation is one of the biggest players in the gaming industry now. They have become one of the prime hubs gamers tend to approach for their gaming needs. The gaming console platform has achieved this feat through its exclusive titles and other innovative games they bring to the platform. This year also the studio is planning to bring some amazing titles into the gaming world, and it surely has piqued interest among gamers.

The latest video released by PlayStation had something that has made the fans excited for an Uncharted 5 game.

Is PlayStation bringing Uncharted 5?


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Uncharted is one of the biggest franchises that players got to explore and play on the PlayStation. Brought by the popular studio Naughty Dog, Uncharted was a successful hit, and it followed up with many incredible sequels. And now the latest PlayStation video titled ‘Bringing you the Extraordinary’ had a visual which resembled an exact spitting image of Uncharted. Though instead of Nathan Drake, it is a young woman featured in the video.

There have been rumors that she looks like Cassie Drake, Nathan, and Elena’s daughter. Players got to see the character for the first time in the playable prologue in Thieves’ End. But, the recent glimpse from the PlayStation video had a much older version of Cassie.

Interestingly, Naughty Dogs have decided to put the pen down for the Uncharted series. This was mentioned by none other than Neil Druckmann, the co-president of Naughty Dogs and one of the masterminds behind the success of the franchise.

So, how will a new Uncharted game come out, if the studio which brought the game to market has decided to stop making sequels? In the past also such fiascos have happened, and different studios have taken up sequels of already existing games. So, maybe Uncharted also will have such a fate. It would surely be interesting to see a brand-new adventure drama linked to the popular franchise.

Fans expressed their excitement about these rumors.

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Fans are excited over the rumors of Uncharted 5 coming

Though nothing is officially confirmed, fans are over the moon with this new Uncharted tease. The franchise was one of the biggest hits in gaming history, and this excitement is a byproduct of this.

But some were not ready for another Uncharted game. Especially when Nathan’s narrative got a ‘perfect ending’. So they do not want Cassie, his daughter to come into the path of killing like her father.


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f the story is taking a new angle and a new story with innovative gameplay mechanics, fans will surely be excited about it.All these rumors have become a hot debate topic for gamers across the globe. But only time will tell if we get to see another Uncharted game.

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