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“I Rejected Him and Then He…”-Former OTV Member Pokimane Reveals Facing Serious Revenge From a Friend Whom She Rejected

Published 05/25/2023, 2:30 PM EDT

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Pokimane has revealed about a guy that went the extra mile despite her rejecting him, and it was horrifying. 

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Streamers have always had a controversial take on relationships. This is because it did not end well, despite their numerous attempts. And then it went down the drain as the people turned into stalkers, harassing them in different ways. Amouranth can be a popular example of this as she faced multiple stalker situations. Despite saying no, a few notorious strangers tried to ruin her image and life. 

But that’s not it because today we have another pioneer from the female streaming industry sharing her sorrows. Pokimane, the former OFTV member, shared a story from her past with her friends.


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Pokimane reveals a shocking ‘date’ incident that later turned into a nightmare 

Imane Anys, aka Pokimane, recently retired from the OFTV squad, moving on to the next chapter of her life. Her clan hosted a graduation party, dedicating a grand exit. Still, that did not mean she missed a chance to hang out with her friends as she appeared on the OFTV podcast.

With Michael, Toast, and Lily by her side, the group spoke about various things. And well, the show was quite alluring to fans as they enjoyed every bit of it. However, a small part of the clip grabbed everyone’s attention as Pokimane revealed a dating incident. 


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Back in the day, Poki rejected a guy who then caused chaos among the gang. “Do you guys remember the guy who liked me and I rejected him and then he planned a trip with everyone except me?” she asked the squad before starting the story.

Then, she spoke about how he hosted a stream fundraiser and invited all of Poki’s friends for a trip except her. What made things weird was, he wasn’t a random person that the streamer came across, but rather someone who was friends with a clanmate. 


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So, it was far more awkward to experience it, as she did not know what to do next. Toast then jumped in to reminisce about how far the guy lived compared to the group. Apparently, he was five hours away but still drove to hang around with the group. It was clear that he wanted to see Pokimane, as he could not stop crushing on her. 


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The streamer did not reveal any other incidents, as one could easily spot the discomfort on her face. So, the crew moved on to talk about other things, such as the Ninja situation, Toast’s boxing match after-effects, and more. 

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