One of the most loved RPG games of the current era is Genshin Impact. The game has brought a fresh perspective to the RPG genre and is one of the most popular games of this decade. Moreover, the game has won several awards as well. Some of the key factors of this success are its characters and the intrinsic narrative.

One of Genshin’s most attractive features is its unique characters. The world of Teyvat has seven cities and each one boasts many amazing characters. And now rumors suggest that one of these characters is coming into the game as a playable hero.

Genshin Impact: Liyue Adeptus is finally coming


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Genshin Impact’s narrative is a very unique one. The storyline follows the journey of two estranged siblings, and one of them is searching for the other. While on their journey the traveler comes across various cities. The second city that they go to is Liyue. It is an interesting city that has the aesthetics of Chinese culture.

The city is protected by many magical figures called the Adeptus. Among them is Cloud Retainer. She is a very powerful being who resides in Mt Aocang in Liyue. She is sort of a guardian figure for Ganyu and has also adopted Shenhe when she was little.

Now rumors suggest that the mighty Adeptus is getting a human form. So, this would mean that she would most probably come as a playable character in the game in the near future. The somewhat unclear leak showed the Adeptus in a white and blue costume, resembling her bird form.

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These are just rumors and nothing is confirmed yet. But lately, certain rumors came true, like the skin lines for Lisa and Ayaka. So, the fans are quite excited to see the mighty crane Adeptus of Liyue come as a playable character.

Fans are excited about Cloud Retainer’s arrival

Though unconfirmed by official authorities, fans are pretty excited about the rumors. They expressed their delight about the Adeptus’s arrival.

Some people were seen speculating that she will only come very far in the future. Sometime around the 4.4 patches. Genshin is known to make travelers wait quite a long time (Example – Yaoyao). So, it would be no wonder Cloud Retainer’s arrival might take a while.


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As soon as the rumors dropped fans were also seen demanding HoYoverse to make her a playable character. Even if they have not yet planned to do so!

We can only take this news with a pinch of salt. Meanwhile, Genshin’s 3.4 updates will drop soon with new characters and the return of the amazing Lantern Rite.

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