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“I Was Nervous It Wasn’t Gonna” – Bella Ramsey Shares Exciting BTS Secrets About the Last of Us Episode 8

Published 03/08/2023, 11:10 AM EST

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The latest episode of the Last of Us displayed the most ferocious part of Ellie’s character. With a phenomenal performance from Bella Ramsey, the audience witnessed how terrifying humans can be. In a recent interview, Ramsey shared a secret about the shoot of the episode that shocked even the other members of the cast. 

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HBO Max’s The Last of Us television series is one of the most critically acclaimed and well-received shows of the year. Featuring the original creator and the director of the games, Neil Druckmann and ‘Chernobyl’ famed writer Craig Mazin as the showrunner, the community had anticipated something great coming out of the series. 

Bella Ramsey shares a fascinating BTS secret of The Last of Us show


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Ellie actress Bella Ramsey shared that her phenomenal shots in the recent episode were not captured serially. The ending of episode 8, which according to many deserves an award for Bella Ramsey, wasn’t shot one after another. In reality, they shot the ending before the climax. Yet she still managed to deliver such a strong performance. 

(Spoilers ahead)


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In the latest episode of the Last of Us, Ellie took the guardian role as Joel was still recovering from his fatal wound. In her ventures to find food and substance to keep Joel alive and help him recover, Ellie encountered a group of survivors who were also hunting game in the forest. 

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Ellie in her attempts succeeds at killing a deer. However, the group finds it before and eventually Ellie. At first, one of the members, named David, appears to be non-hostile towards Ellie. But, things don’t remain to be the same for long. In the end, David reveals his true nature. 

Bella Ramsey and the crew were talking about the latest episode, and here, she revealed an interesting fact regarding how the scenes were shot. “I was nervous it wasn’t gonna be the same, it would be different. It wouldn’t be as good,” said Ramsey after revealing that she had to shoot the reunion scene before killing David. Hearing this, other members of the cast, including Pedro Pascal, went into shock and said, “really!? I didn’t know that!”


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The teacher-turned-preacher, who weaponized hope to control his peers, reveals himself to be a cannibal who is feeding his community their own people. Ellie manages to escape, setting the whole place on fire and brutally killing David in the climax. In the end, Joel comes to save Ellie, not physically but emotionally, showing a heart-melting performance by both Bella and Pedro. 

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