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“I’d Beat Him” – Summit1g Exudes Confidence While Challenging F1 Star Lando Norris

Published 11/22/2021, 11:24 AM EST

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Summit1g latest challenge on his Twitch livestream might come off as a wild one. He challenged Lando Norris for a racing showdown in a video game. Summit1g has recently purchased a super expensive racing sim kit and has begun streaming iRacing.

Based on his skills, he is quite confident about beating the McLaren star in this racing and some fans do not seem to agree with him on this.


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Summit1g makes big claims to defeat McLaren star Lando Norris

In a Twitch live stream, Summit1g made a huge claim of having the potential to defeat Lando Norris in iRacing and believed his skills were on par with the Formula 1 driver.



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It is quite understandable that Summit1G’s viewers were in agreement with his statements, given that Lando’s standings in the Driver Standings say otherwise. Lando stands 5th in the 2021 Driver Standings and iSummitG has to get past some serious competition.

Appearing really confident, the streamer says“Listen. Let me just say something. I’m confident enough in my MX-5 game that if Lando Norris came to the track and only had five minutes of practice, I’m pretty sure that I’d beat him in five laps.”

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iRacing is a simulation racing game that provides real-life racing situations to gamers, and iSummit1G thinks that he can and defeat Lando Norris in real-life racing as well.

He confidently carried on, “Is he that insane? Is he on that level? Impossible to beat? Five minutes on this track I’ve spent a week on. You don’t think I can beat him for five laps? Do you think he knows this track by heart already? Absolutely no chance. I need to know. Where is he, man? Doing his F1 career and sh*t.”

Lando Norris is one of the f1 greats and Summit1g is not, but he is one of the best gamers around. It would really be impressive to see the two go head against each other in the game.


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Hopefully, the epic showdown will materialize.



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