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“I’d Return the Kid and Ask for Another One” – Twitter Community Hilariously Calls Out A Kid For Denying A $500 PlayStation 5 on Christmas

Published 12/27/2022, 9:30 AM EST

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Christmas has bid farewell to the people leaving lots of gifts, memories, pies, and a promise to come again next year. The festive season becomes a well-celebrated occasion, especially for children as they receive new gifts and lots of chocolates. And what better gift than a PlayStation 5 for a kid? Well, certainly not for the kid who demanded to get it returned shortly after receiving it.

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Launched in 2020, PlayStation 5 has skyrocketed as one of the most popular consoles in the industry. The impeccable mechanism to project the graphics of video games has gained a larger audience. Just like any other parent would understand PlayStation 5 to be the perfect Christmas gift, the reaction a couple got for gifting one to their kid was certainly not predicted.


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A PlayStation 5 Christmas gift didn’t suit well for a kid leaving fans surprised

The Twitter user Valky (@Main_Valkyrie_) recently tweeted a clip of a kid and his younger sibling receiving a PlayStation 5 right next to a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. As the kids unwrapped the present, the younger sibling exclaimed, “Oh My God!” While things were seemingly going well, the elder kid’s reply was certainly not as same as his younger sibling’s.

The kid said, “It’s a PS5, oh my god! I wanted a PC.” The parents shared a laugh hoping the kid wasn’t serious, but he continued, “I want a PC, I don’t like this.” “I don’t want it. No, return it, I don’t want this,” he said to the astonished parents.


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Well, surely the Christmas gift backfired on the parents who had assumed that the gaming console would be a Christmas surprise for the kid.

After the clip hit the internet, people started sharing laughs and giving their astonished reactions to the scenario.

by the kid’s reaction, a user tweeted, “I’d return the kid and ask for another one.” Another user speculated, “Fake. everyone loves PS5. this is acting for fun.”

Moreover, a user came in support of the decision of the kid by saying, “Wouldn’t want a PS5 either, if I can play all PS games on PC too. What a smart kid!” To give a vivid view of the reactions of the people, here are some other tweets:


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Understandably, one should not neglect the fact that Christmas means a great deal, especially for kids. Despite any comments, this would surely be a fun throwback for the kid when he grows old and indeed this scene will bring a laugh as a kid’s heart is pure than anything. And so was the parents’ efforts to give happiness to their kid.


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In all good spirits, this would surely become a good memory for the family. What is the best Christmas gift that you have ever got? Do let us know in the comments below.

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