“If We Fall Down There, We Die” – After Years of Trying, YouTube King MrBeast Finally Flags an Unforgettable Deed of Living in the Most Remote Place on Earth for 50 Hours

Published 12/25/2022, 3:00 AM EST

YouTube king MrBeast has redefined content creation. But with his new video, he seems to have redefined the ‘Extreme’ challenges that he does as he stepped his foot on the freezing lands of Antarctica. He has spent not one day, not one night but 50 hours in Antarctica with a challenge to, build shelter, climb a mountain, and in the end, survive at all costs.

MrBeast had been trying for years to bring this video to life and it has finally happened. As the video kick-started, MrBeast and the crew trek toward a mountain to be safe from strong frosty winds while facing a blizzard. Perfect coordination and dedication result in the crew making tents.


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The hardest challenge of it was the factor of wind blowing away the tents and for that, they placed ice blocks around the tents to protect them. Since the sun never goes down, they had the challenge of not knowing day and night.

With camps all set up, MrBeast and the crew ate MRE, and for that Jimmy said that one has to boil water for 10 minutes and then pour it into the bag as this is how food can be eaten in Antarctica. Shelter, food, time, and the -30 degrees Celsius temperature were the nerve-wracking challenges. But these still weren’t strong enough to shake MrBeast’s will to survive in Antarctica.

MrBeast climbs up the mountain at -30 degrees Celsius in four and a half hours

Now, MrBeast is one of a kind personality that has this enthused urge to bring out the most of a situation. Hence, how could he leave Antarctica without climbing a mountain? Not only that, but once he climbed the mountain he could have the liberty to name it.

Seemingly reluctant to climb a mountain, the crew members except Nolan returned to the camp. MrBeast embarked upon the venture of climbing a mountain where less than 10 people on Earth have stepped. While climbing the mountain, Jimmy informed that if he falls down the mountain, he could roll for 10,000 feet which clearly gave a highlight of the height that he was at. “If we fall down there, we die,” Jimmy and the crew agreed by being cold-honest.

With 30 hours in, MrBeast continued the feat of climbing the mountain. Whereas Karl had a little expedition going on as he was digging up a hole this entire time which was going deeper and deeper. Talking of what was going on in the camp, MrBeast took a moment to share a glimpse of how tiny the camp looked from the mountain he was on.

After four and a half hours, Jimmy successfully stood on the top of the mountain. MrBeast named the mountain on Shopify which has been supporting him since he had 3 million subscribers.

Jimmy gives a present to Karl and the crew for doing another feat at the base camp


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After Jimmy reached the camp around 4:00 am, he was stunned to see the 8 feet hole dug by Karl. Impressed by him, he then showed them his upcoming videos, “Blind Man Sees for the First Time?” and “I Ate the World’s Largest Burger?” As another day dawned, MrBeast and the crew were just hours away to go back home.

The crew packed the things back to leave no traces so as to preserve the beauty of Antarctica. As the flight came, all of them boarded the plane after remarkably surviving 50 hours in the frosty desert. Ultimately, MrBeast got to film a video in Antarctica after trying for years to do it and once again, entertained the viewers gloriously.


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