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“If You Have 5 Viewers You Can Have a Stalker”- Twitch Queen Amouranth Warns Small Streamers on the Infamous Stalker Issues

Published 06/02/2023, 12:30 PM EDT

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Amouranth has shared the horrors of the streaming world despite being one of the biggest content creators in the industry. 

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Once you start using your name in public, it is almost impossible to hide it. This is because, it makes a mark on the community, and fans want to know more and more. However, that puts the person at risk as it doesn’t take more than two seconds before throwing it in the drain. Such has been the case with Amouranth, who fell prey to multiple stalking incidents.

Every industry has its pros and cons. For streamers, privacy is nothing but a joke. Many female streamers, including Amourath, have fallen prey to stalkers. Recently, the streamer addressed this issue on the 100 Thieves podcast alongside show host BrookeAB.


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Amouranth & ABBrooks warn budding female creators of the dangers of streaming

Amourath is one of the biggest streamers in the world. During her struggling days, she used to stream for more than 12 hours a day, sometimes even sleeping on stream. Recently, in a podcast with ABBrooks, she opened up about the dangers of streaming and what she had to go through. 

Since her Twitch debut in early 2016, the content creator revealed to get stalked multiple times. Here’s what she said on the 100 Thieves podcast, “I started streaming summer of 2016. okay, I think the stalkers started either in late 2016 or early 2017. so pretty much right when you started it, yeah immediately”.


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So, she advised small-time female creators to avoid using names, sharing addresses, and keeping their personal life private as much as possible. “I always try to warn girls too that’s like they think that they’re okay as a small streamer if you have five viewers, you can have a stalker. It’s actually more dangerous when you’re smaller because that’s when they get really crazy because that just leads them to think it’s a more private interaction,” she added. 

Not to forget, Amouranth has had her fair share of stalking incidents online. Each time it kept getting worse, so she trained herself so well that she could fight it off easily. Today, Amouranth ranks among the elites and is considered a pioneer of the female streaming industry. 


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