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“I’ll See You in Court” – Adin Ross Challenges Hasan Piker to a Legal Battle Amidst Intense Feud

Published 05/11/2023, 9:50 AM EDT

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Adin Ross has blazed guns at Hasan Piker over their recent drama, and fans are ready to see them in court. 

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For the past few weeks, the eSports industry has witnessed a drama between two popular creators, Adin Ross and Hasan Piker. The two shared a massive history of feud, but this one crossed all limits. After all, it raised serious issues of copyright infringement involving other creators. So, fans were worried about the outcome, knowing how pissed both of them can be. And well, their suspicion turned out correctly as Adin took the matter into his hands. Post the drama, he has now called Hasan to the court, suing him for his every dime. 

What happened between Adin Ross and Hasan Piker? 


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It all started when Adin put up a copyright claim on YouTuber Internet Anarchist, for one of his videos. Ross claimed that the YouTuber used a clip without permission, leading to the takedown of the clip. This caused chaos on the internet as the creator considered its revenue as life-changing money. Apparently, he made $8,000 of it, which was instantly washed off, thanks to Adin. 

So, Hasan Piker stepped in, calling Adin’s behavior stupid and stating that he reached new levels of stupidity. And Adin being Adin slammed back with a controversial take. This led to a heated argument between the two creators, with fans worried about the same. Apparently, they claimed to have never seen Hasan this angry, so if he sued Adin, it wouldn’t be a surprise. 


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Nevertheless, there was a major turn in events as not Piker but Ross played this card. During his recent Kick stream, the notorious streamer revealed to have sued Hasan Piker for his every penny. “I didn’t fold sh*t chat, it was a miscommunication. Hasan, the strike stands. I’ll see you in court,” Adin said while addressing his viewers. Moreover, the streamer also revealed the fact that he had been talking to the lawyers for quite some time and would not let this slide. 

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So, that meant that Adin took an unnecessary step in a moment of anger. For those uninitiated, Hasan’s net worth currently stands at $4 million, with a Porsche Taycan, a West Hollywood home, and investments in Himbo Fitness under his name. Does that mean he will lose out on everything if he loses the case? Well, time will tell us. 

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