“I’m About Do Some Serious Damage”- UFC Legend Conor McGregor and Youtuber – Boxer Ksi Throw Jabs on Twitter Before Dillon Danis Fight

Published 12/25/2022, 2:30 AM EST

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The Pro UFC fighter Conor McGregor throws some jabs at close associate Dillon Danis’s next opponent, KSI. The YouTuber-cum-Boxer retorts with some big claims, cooking up a spicy beef before his fight in January 2023. According to his tweets, KSI is more than ready to do some ‘serious damage’ to Connor’s good friend. 

The UFC fighter was talking about how he is ‘still rockin’ with Dillon in their sparing sessions. KSI took this opportunity to get Connor’s attention. KSI or JJ claimed that in his upcoming fight with Danis, he is going to ruin Dillon. McGregor paid heed to this tweet and called out KSI.


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Connor McGregor calls KSI a “little nerd”

In the tweeter interaction, both of the fighters indulged in passive-aggressive banter. KSI tweeted at McGregor sayingI’m about do some serious damage to your boy” Dillon Danis. This statement attracted Connor’s attention, and he answers the YouTuber in a dismissive manner. 

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Connor said, “Brother you’re a friendly little nerd I don’t care. He should be back doing mma if he is doing this little nothing burger match with you. I couldn’t care less about this genre of boxing, I am sorry. Have a good one.” Connor called KSI a friendly nerd and made it clear how little he cares about the match. 


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But this didn’t stop KSI, as he answered back saying, “When you see what I do to Danis January 14th, then you will care…” throwing a serious claim at the Irish UFC champ, claiming that he will ruin Dillon Danis in the upcoming fight in January 2023. 


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Logan Paul and others also pick beef with Conor McGregor 

Following this tweeter discussion, other influencers also pitched in to give their piece of mind to Conor McGregor. The YouTuber turned boxer and wrestler Logan Paul replies to the Irish MMA fighter’s take on YouTuber boxing. Logan said, ““Genre of boxing” ?? Boxing is boxing. I’m a YouTuber & I still did more damage to Floyd than you” 

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KSI’s brother Deji said, “I gave Floyd Mayweather a black eye, did you?”. JJ also gave some statements on the drama in his new video. “When you see what I do to Dillon, I think you are gonna care mate.” added JJ, “Bro you cared enough to reply so…”


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