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“I’m Just Going to Tell You Guys Now, I Don’t Give a F**K”: Adin Ross Who Signed a $150 Million Contract Reveals His Take on Popular Streamers Re-Thinking Their Decision About Leaving Twitch

Published 02/18/2023, 9:00 AM EST

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Adin Ross has hinted multiple popular creators to walk out of Twitch, and fans are worried about the platform. 

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Last week, popular content creator Adin Ross announced a multi-million dollar deal with Kick. For those uninitiated, Kick is an upcoming streaming platform owned by It features top content creator Trainwreckstv as the main guy, inviting thousands of streamers to showcase their content. Plus, the platform has a better reward system compared to Twitch, pushing streamers to jump from one platform to another. 

And now, with Adin partially streaming on it, the platform received enough recognition. However, it is not like the 22-year-old has been completely satisfied with the deal as he shared a controversial take recently. Apparently, he revealed that Kick had to pay him much more to stream on the platform full-time. And amidst that, he also spilled the secret of a massive possibility that top creators would be quitting Twitch.


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Adin Ross reveals the possibility of top streamers starting streaming on Kick

During his recent stream, Adin sparred a few statements about Kick. There, he revealed the possibility of streamers like Kai Cenat, IShowSpeed, Bruce, YourRAGE, and more quitting Twitch. “I’m just going to tell you guys now. I don’t give a fuck. The platform cannot fill everyone that goes,” he said.

According to him, Kick might be on the road to signing these content creators, closing the deal with millions of dollars and equity. The platform recently signed Adin, a streamer who averages 100,000k viewership on his streams. For that, the franchise signed a two-year deal for $150 million. 


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“Damages in the Millions and Millions, and Millions of Dollars” : Popular YouTube Lawyer Shares His Hot-Take About Adin Ross Streaming Super Bowl LVII

So, if Ross claims that these big names might be walking out soon, there might be a slight possibility of it being true. Plus, every Twitch streamer has complained about the rigorous terms and conditions of the platform, limiting them to streaming only certain types of content. 


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Last but not the least, content creators have cribbed about the ‘low-payment’ system as Twitch recently lowered its payout to streamers. And if it continues to be the case, it would just be a matter of a few months, or probably a year, before the big names call quits with the platform. 

Did Adin mess up during his first week on Kick?

During his first few streams, Adin almost landed in unnecessary controversy. Apparently, the streamer telecasted the Super Bowl, something that was prohibited. A popular lawyer had the time to decipher the situation as he claimed that the NFL owned the sole rights to streaming this event, so he might get into trouble for copyright infringement. However, there have been no reports for now, with Ross continuing to do what he does best. Will things lead to a dark turn soon?


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