In a Now Deleted Tweet, MrBeast Accidentally Revealed His Massive Budget for 2023 – You Won’t Believe the Number!

Published 09/28/2023, 2:40 PM EDT

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There seems to be nothing in the world that MrBeast can’t pull off. Jimmy Donaldson, aka Mr. Beast, is known for his gaming deeds, social work, and larger-than-life challenge videos. It’s hard to imagine anyone spends more than him on their videos. His recent Extreme Olympics video or his Squid Game-adapted game show are some worthy examples. However, seems like the stakes are only going to get higher from here.

In a recent reply to a certain tweet, the man himself revealed how much he is going to spend this year. And seeing this gigantic budget, fans are going bonkers!

MrBeast accidentally revealed his budget for 2023.


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A post on X (formerly Twitter) claimed the number 1 individual YouTuber in the world earns a whopping $82 million per year, as per their reports. This is statistically more than double of any creator out there. This incredible stat blew fans’ minds away. Until it was time for the man himself to step in. In his now deleted post, he replied that the amount mentioned seemed low for him.

That means MrBeast earns way more than $82 million per year. So, just imagine what will be his net worth! And as a content creator, this is a huge achievement. His revelation took everyone by storm. He stated that he will spend around a staggering $120 million on videos this year.

Spending huge amounts is nothing new for MrBeast


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MrBeast has always been known for his huge spending in his videos. In his biggest video of his career, as stated by himself, he has spent over $4 million. This video is his renowned Extreme Olympics video. In this event, one subscriber from each country participated in games like fencing, track and field, soccer, archery, and many more, with a slight touch of the man himself.

His hugely popular video of the game show, adapted from the famous TV series Squid Games, cost him around $3.5 million as well. This video got so popular that recently it hit half a billion views in total. And his Luxury Private Jet video was reportedly worth $4.5 million.


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This accidental reply from MrBeast clearly states how he is capable of making everyone’s jaws drop. Seeing this gigantic figure, the expectations of the fans are going sky high. Let’s see what lies ahead for MrBeast fans.

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