Insomniac Games Hint at a Possible Venom Game Being on the Cards in the Future

Published 10/21/2023, 1:04 AM EDT

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Insomniac Games has landed another hint for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fans. While some fans aren’t happy with how buggy the game feels, others are just happy to see Peter Parker and Miles Morales back in action. As the duo sets their sights on making sure NYC stays crime-free, one of the main villains from the game is in the talks of having its own spin-off game in the coming days.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was speculated to showcase a number of high-profile villains, focused on helping Spider-Man meet his final demise. However, no other baddie had more rumors than the notorious Venom. As the community awaits to learn more details about what or why sets off Venom down his path of rage in the game, the alien-infused lifeform might have more elaborate plans for its story in the future.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 narrative director talks about a possible Venom spin-off


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In a recent interview, Jon Paquette, the Senior Narrative Director for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 informed that the studio has pondered over the possibility of making a Venom spin-off game in the future. However, Paquette also mentioned that the team is focused on Spider-Man 2 right now and looks forward to a much-deserved break after the game’s release. Jon claims Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will have one of the most intriguing storylines for Venom.

In the interview, Paquette elaborated that a Venom game will have to wait and Insomniac Games is eager to know how the fans react to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 over the next few weeks. “We’re focused on ‘Spider-Man 2,’ and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna wait to see how the fans react“, said the Narrative Director.


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Jon went on further to reminisce about his earliest memories of reading comic books and how his first interaction with Venom in Secret Wars set him up for a lifetime of fondness for the character. With such passion going into the creation of Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, fans can rest assured that the character receives justice.

The community waits for the final verdict on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

While the newly released game is alleged to be “broken”, there are also a lot of aspects that can easily redeem the collective opinion. From taking on villains along with other Spider-Mans in the game to taking close to 20 hours to finish, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 sits atop a pile of potential.


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The game’s predecessor set up a perfect scenario for a follow-up and fans have high expectations from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Only after its release, fans were astounded as they learned that Doctor Strange might make an appearance in the game in the coming days. If you have also noticed something worth talking about, do share your discoveries in the comments!

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