Is Black Ops Cold War a Worthy Successor To Modern Warfare?

October 22, 2020 7:14 pm

The new Call of Duty title Black Ops Cold War has caught everyone’s attention in the gaming community. The game’s crossplay beta is live across all platforms and it is already being compared to Modern Warfare. Even at first glance, it is clear that Modern Warfare has better graphics. However, there are other parameters that also describe the overall quality of a game.

YouTuber TBAG [Epic Gaming] made a detailed video about some important aspects of both the games:

Modern Warfare beats Black Ops Cold War in sound design

Sound design is a very important aspect of any first-person shooter game, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare has one of the best sound designs in the entire franchise. The guns have a very realistic shooting sound, making them as impactful and dynamic as ever. Other sounds in Modern Warfare including movements and actions are also immersive and give a realistic touch to the game.

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Modern Warfare has set a high benchmark for Black Ops Cold War’s sound and unfortunately, the game’s sound design is disappointing. TBAG [Epic Gaming]  did a detailed comparison of gun sounds in both the titles. He tested impactful guns like the AK-47, M-16 and AK-74u and the results were not shocking. Modern Warfare is miles ahead of Cold War in sound design.

Will the new maps and multiplayer gameplay save Call of Duty’s new title?

Despite great graphics and immersive sound design, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is not a perfect game. Being a first-person shooter, the most important aspect of the game is its gameplay, and Modern Warfare has some serious problems in its multiplayer gameplay. First and foremost, the maps of the game have too many doors and windows. As a result, camping in Modern Warfare is very comfortable and a lot of players prefer to do so.

Also, the HP of players in the game is 100, that reduces the time-to-kill significantly. Campers exploit this aspect of the game because they can easily fetch kills while sitting in an isolated corner. As a result, the game was criticized by pros like Scump, and even a lot of casual players felt the same way.

Developers at Infinity Ward and Treyarch must have noticed this feedback, and they’ve made significant improvements in the gameplay of Black Ops Cold War. Players will have 150 HP in CoD’s new title and that leaves a lot of room for extended gunfights. Also, the maps in Black Ops Cold War are more open and troublesome for campers. The movement in the game, especially sliding, is a lot smoother than Modern Warfare.

To sum up, both the Call of Duty titles have their own strengths and weaknesses. Apart from the sound design, Black Ops Cold War offers a lot to its users. The game will also have the fan-favorite Zombies mode, and a lot of players might buy the game just for it.

Based on the facts, do you think that Black Ops Cold War is a worthy successor to Modern Warfare?

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