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Is Counter-Strike 2 Geared Up to Dethrone Valorant? Latest Updates Attracts Many Eyes Ahead of Its Awaited Release

Published 06/07/2023, 12:10 PM EDT

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The world of first-person shooters has seen a range of titles over the years. However, none have a legacy as vast and long as Counter-Strike. Developed under Valve, the early renditions of the game, particularly 1.6, dominated the market. Over the past 20 years, Valve released three major titles under the franchise, 1.6, Source, and the most recent title from 2012, Global Offensive. With CS:GO turning 10 years, there has been talk of a new game in the franchise.

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With the release of Counter-Strike 2 fast approaching, Valve introduced a much-needed feature with the buying system in the game, taking inspiration from the system Valorant has in place at the moment.

Counter-Strike 2 weapon refunds


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While the buy menu offers players a wide choice of weapons to choose from, it left a rigid system for players to use. Once players bought a weapon or any equipment, it stayed in their kit, even if they did not want it. With the newest update for Counter-Strike 2’s closed testing, players can now refund items in the buy menu.

The player base has been asking for this change ever since Valorant introduced the feature. In a competitive scenario, managing funds and equipment in rounds play a crucial role in the match’s result. As a result, incorrect buys will not be as punishable as before.


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The change is indicative of Valve’s approach to Counter-Strike 2. In addition to changes to the buy system, Valve has been proactive with how they receive feedback about the new game. Input from people who played the game is worked on. A positive sign for Valve, especially since a large part of its player base migrated to Valorant due to the lack of features such as these.

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Additionally, the weapon drops feature will come to the game. Similar to the system in Valorant, players can request a drop from a teammate directly from the buy menu.

Valve changes the buy menu

Building on the changes to how the buy menu works, Valve decided to move away from the buy wheel. Instead, players will choose a loadout of weapons for the match. Subsequently, purchases made during the match mean that players stick to these loadouts.

This has large-scale implications with the meta. Firstly, it means players can swap between the M4A4 and the M4A1-S during the game. While it may not seem to be a large consequence, situational relevance comes into play. Moreover, with the introduction of loadouts, teams can have individual players selecting specific loadouts based on the player’s role on the team. A rifler can keep a low-budget rifle such as the FAMAS, instead of the AWP.


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These changes have come at the right time for Valve. With the upcoming title competing with Valorant for a player base, Valve listening to players about what they need in the game allows them to retain their player base from CS:GO. With a release slated for Summer 2023, Counter-Strike 2 is fast approaching the horizon. Only time will tell if these positive signs can carry the game above Valorant.


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