Is MrBeast Dead? YouTube King Hilariously Responds to His Viral Demise Post

Published 03/17/2023, 1:50 PM EDT

Fake posts have become a part and parcel of the internet. Through the course of time, there have been many reports of such going viral on the online space. Some of these are just for the hilarity they can invoke, but some others take a very dramatic turn.

One such post which has been going circles around the internet is regarding the demise of the MrBeast. This post is obviously a false one, but it even got the eye of Jimmy Donaldson himself.

MrBeast finds the fake news to be hilarious


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Being part of the internet, we may come across various intriguing stuff which may or may not be true. Moreover, no one can speculate what becomes viral in the online space. One post that has caught the eye of the internet and became viral in the past couple of days is in regard to Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson.

The icon was reported to have passed away in the post, which caught the eye of the internet. Though this news is fake, it went viral and even went onto catch the eye of Jimmy who found it funny.

“Why does this have 100,000 likes,” was what Jimmy said after getting surprised by the post. He seemed to find such a post getting this much viewership funny.

This became something of a hilarity, especially as Jimmy himself found it funny. Additionally, the viral state of the post directly points towards the immense popularity Jimmy enjoys on the internet space.


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Chris Tyson, Jimmy’s close friend, was also seen commenting on the post. “Wait was I not supposed to go ahead and put my hand on a tombstone for the channel?” stated Chris. Pointing towards the time when Jimmy elaborated on what will happen to the MrBeast channel if he passes away.

It seems like Jimmy remains to continue having his name in the headlines for the past few months. First, it was his magical 2022 run, then the criticisms regarding the video where he gave sight to 1000 people, and now it’s this news.

The Twitter community is also in laughter seeing the post

The Twitter community joined Jimmy as they found the post hilarious. People who saw the post and Jimmy’s comment were seen enjoying the hilarious outburst.


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They were joining hands with Donaldson and were seen posting sarcastic comments on the post.


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What are your opinions on such posts? Do they induce laughter like intended or does it go a bit overboard? Do mention your opinions in the comments below.



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