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Is YouTube Superstar MrBeast’s Hometown In North Carolina Really Called Beastville?

Published 07/07/2022, 11:23 AM EDT

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Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, is one of the most popular content creators in the community. Over the years, Jimmy has established an enormous empire owing to all his hard work and love for the platform. Currently, the YouTube star is on his way to reaching the 100 million subscribers milestone and claiming the Red Diamond Play Button.

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Furthermore, Jimmy outshined every other YouTuber by having the highest networth around $54 million. Owing to his mind-boggling achievements and production quality, some fans also believe he is the richest YouTuber. Interestingly, there are some rumors about MrBeast’s hometown in North Carolina, really called Beastville. Let’s hear more about this story.


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How many houses MrBeast owns and his networth

Jimmy is famous for his giveaway and he gives away cash, cars, and houses to followers, fans, and even random strangers. Naturally, fans get excited to know if their favorite content creator also has a luxury lifestyle like other creators.

He owns massive houses in Kansas, Georgia, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York. However, because of his busy schedule, the YouTube star keeps moving around from one place to another, in search of better content. Furthermore, he owns quite a handful of properties.


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According to one of the caknowledge’s blogs, “Mr Beast is a YouTuber, Internet personality, businessman, and philanthropist who has a net worth of $56 million.”

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MrBeast relationship with his hometown Mayor

Recently, in an interview with Business Insider, Jimmy’s hometown Mayor confronted that they have monthly calls about local shoots or other projects that involve city resources. Moreover, he opened up about how much Jimmy has helped his hometown people financially.

In the interview, Connelly (Greenville’s mayor) also mentions that MrBeast is planning to buy more real estate around town for office and studio space. This will in the end help the growth of his hometown both in terms of economically and publicity.

He also said, “He brings people here, he shoots videos here, he employs people here, and those dollars that he’s paying out in wages stay in our community,” Connelly said. “They’re being spent in our local restaurants, our local retail locations, they’re buying houses, or they’re renting in our community.”

Therefore, without any doubt, Jimmy is contributing a lot to his hometown’s development and people’s needs through charity work. Indeed, Connelly is grateful to Jimmy for all his support towards his hometown even after becoming a huge iconic name in the community.

MrBeast’s opinion about having a luxurious lifestyle

A few months back, Jimmy revealed that he isn’t a big fan of having a luxurious lifestyle in a Joe Rogan’s podcast. In the interview, Joe asked if MrBeast doesn’t dream to own luxurious cars and houses like other creators.

To which Jimmy replied, ” No, I think living your life chasing like a nicer and nicer car, and a bigger and bigger box to live in sky like a dumb way to go about life.” He also mentions that the only reason he moved to bigger houses is because of security reasons. Back when MrBeast was not an iconic name, he was robbed. Therefore, security is the only reason why Jimmy doesn’t like to live in below-average houses.

Is MrBeast’s Hometown really called Beastville?

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Jimmy was born in Kansas, United States, but was raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. Although Jimmy has offered a lot to his hometown’s development and people, the rumors of his hometown named Beastville are not true. The actual name of Jimmy’s hometown is Greenville, not Beastville.

Back in 2019, Jake Paul pulled a funny prank on Jimmy by visiting his home in North Carolina. He also pretended to sell Jimmy’s house without his approval. In the video, we could notice that it was just a plain house and didn’t appear as a young millionaire’s house. In one of RollingStone’s blogs, it mentioned that Jimmy doesn’t give a f’ck about money and wants to give away all before he dies.


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He said, “I don’t want to live my life chasing the next shiny object to the next shiny object. It’s a sad, miserable way to go about life.” Are you also admired by Jimmy’s opinion about giving everything back to the community? Let us know in the comments down below.

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