IShowSpeed’s 5 Most Viral Moments of 2023

Published 11/20/2023, 2:06 PM EST

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IShowSpeed has quickly become an online sensation. He started back in 2016 and by the next year, he started the channel under the name “IShowSpeed.” It took some time for the streamer to gain traction on his channel. He initially used to live stream and upload gameplay videos of games like NBA 2k and Fortnite. Although his career started quite slowly, 2021 was a huge year for him.

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The streamer grew exponentially in 2021, touching 100,000 subscribers in April and by June he had 1 million subscribers. By 2022, Speed reached 10 million subscribers and doubled that by August 2023. This success is due to his personality and energy. Many moments from his live streamers have now gone viral. And we have broken down the top 5 most viral moments of Speed in 2023.

IShowSpeed meets Ronaldo


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It’s no secret that Speed is a huge fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. During the PSG vs all-star team from the Saudi Pro League, the two soccer legends Ronaldo and Messi, faced each other yet again. Speed was streaming the match from the crowd with his reactions to the match. His energy had all his fans enjoy the different perspectives on the game and this led to one of the most iconic match reactions on the internet.

After the match, Speed got to meet his idol, and that made one of the most epic reactions to a streamer meeting Ronaldo. The clip of their meet went viral on social media with Speed being ecstatic around Ronaldo. The Portuguese icon showed his appreciation towards his self-proclaimed number 1 fan and took a picture with speed. This interaction showed many fans the inner child in Speed and many saw how his reaction was similar to anyone who was not as famous as the young streamer.


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Speed goes to Japan

The streamer is known for his love for Anime, specifically, One Piece. In this video, Speed went around and tried different elements of Japanese culture. This included him trying out Ramen and enjoying the sights of Kyoto like Temples while socializing with fans and handing out money.

Speed then entered the city of Kyoto to do some sightseeing. A few fans recognized him and he stopped to take pictures. Further, he helped a local souvenir store attract some customers before buying a samurai outfit there. He then walked around while talking to people before meeting a Shiba Inu and getting excited about it.

Sidemen X IShowSpeed

The Sidemen charity soccer match was one of the biggest collaborations on YouTube. It was held to raise money for various charitable causes. This event has been held since 2016, with a 4 year hiatus between the 3rd and 4th match. Speed was invited to the event, and he caught the attention of a lot of fans. In the scene footage, Speed is caught talking to all the players who are participating.

He interacted with YouTubers like xQc, MrBeast, Kai Cenat, and many more. In the BTS, there were many interactions with other players, discussions about strategy, and banter. After the introduction and lunch, the players all got onto the field to see one of the most iconic soccer matches played by streamers. In the end, Speed’s team won. Later, he met a fan named Pelle, to whom he gifted a PlayStation 5.

The next time Speed collaborated with the Sidemen was for the 1vs20 dating show. In this show, Speed had to pick one girl out of the 20 in a hilarious game show. This is where many fans got to see Speed in his element. He was seen trying to woe the contestants while being told by the Sidemen about what to do. This led to many interesting incidents like Speed showing his athletic and romantic side. This video is one of the most viral videos by speed with it generating 42 million views within 2 months.

IShowSpeed’s $10,000,000 house

Speed made a video to showcase a house he purchased. The tour included his room, showcasing decorations and personal items, a mini refrigerator, and a closet. Some of the notable items were the One Piece posters on his walls, along with some figurines.

Later Speed discussed his shoe collection and asked for viewer opinions. The tour continued through other rooms, including a dining room, living room, bar, wine cellar, and kitchen. Upstairs, there were multiple bedrooms, including one with notable soccer-themed decorations. Speed finally showcased the backyard, featuring a pool, hot tub, and beautiful scenery. The video ends with Speed jumping into the pool and asking viewers if they enjoyed the house tour. This video of Speed’s new house went viral, and many fans were excited to see him grow and buy himself a house.

Controversial take: IShowMeat


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IShowSpeed’s stream took a negative turn when a flashing incident occurred during Five Nights at Freddy’s. The aftermath of this incident deeply affected the streamer, who spoke out about its impact on his mental health in a more subdued manner than his usual energetic content. Meanwhile, rumors circulated, with some speculating about a potential YouTube ban. Speed soon addressed the situation, expressing embarrassment and revealing how jokes and comments about the incident have affected him mentally.

He emphasized that he is a human being and described the situation as depressing, urging viewers to consider the bigger picture. The incident, one of his worst fears as a content creator, has broader consequences for him and his family. Despite the challenges, Speed’s fans have rallied to support him. This incident is something that has stuck with him and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.


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IShowSpeed’s career grew quickly and pushed him into stardom at a young age. His infectious energy and genuine excitement are what make him stand apart from the other streamers. With 2023 being such a busy year for the streamer, which moments of Speed will you remember forever? Let us know in the comments below.

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