The Uncharted gaming series is one of the most loved ones as fans adore Nathan Drake and his nerve-tingling journey. They have extended their support by buying the titles in thousands and spending countless hours glued to their screens.

However, its developers only allowed console owners to enjoy their games, as the consoles had been their top priority since day one. However, with time, the franchise learned about the game’s hype, pushing them to release a PC version for the same. 


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So, as an exotic gesture, Naughty Dog, its developers, launched one of its latest for PC. Back in January 2022, the Last Of Us franchise dropped a new game in the Uncharted series, allowing fans to play as Nathan or Chole standalone. The game featured their individual adventures with users trying to solve their past legacies. Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves received a tremendous response right from the start, as fans loved the concept. 

But, just as in all previous times, Naughty Dog limited the game to PlayStation fans. This created chaos amongst the community as PC fans raged to get an exclusive title. So, Naughty Dog’s CEO decided to launch the game on PC, making it act as a ‘pivotal’ point for the franchise. 

Naughty Dog Vice President pens down thoughts about Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves PC release 

In today’s world, we have multiple gaming companies focusing on producing content on consoles. They feel that they can cover a larger market share as compared to other platforms. And so, they limit their access to a certain audience, conditioning them to buy certain products to enjoy their games. 

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However, a handful of them have decided to expand their theories, producing a multi-platform model for every game. Naughty Dog can be the perfect example to prove it, as they recently released an Uncharted game for PC. 

As you all know that Naughty Dog mainly focuses on making PlayStation-rich content, so this move came as a surprise. Naughty Dog’s Vice President Christian Gyrling also commented on this, calling it a ‘pivotal’ change in the franchise.

He penned down his feelings in a recent PlayStation blog, talking about how it can become a turning point for the franchise. “The release of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on PC is an important one for Naughty Dog, as it lets us celebrate our past and introduce a new, meaningful audience to the world of Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer,” he wrote. Gyrling further added, “But it also represents a pivotal moment for us, a chance to look ahead and expand the way we develop games, all while ensuring the level of quality our audience expects.”


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Could this be a game-changer? 

While Christian spoke about how important it was for them to expand to PC, he also shared some interesting insights in terms of business. “As Naughty Dog has come to better understand hybrid and work-from-home development over the last few years, PC development offers our team flexibility in how, when, and where our games are created.”


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Apart from all this, it is important to know that we also have another Naughty Dog game launching later this year. The franchise will soon drop a Last Of Us game in the next few months. 

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