“It Ended Up Being Like a Little Over $4,000,000.” – MrBeast Revealed How Much He Spent on His Most-Watched Squid Game Video With 322 Million Views

Published 12/22/2022, 6:30 AM EST

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Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is the most significant content creator on YouTube at the moment with over 122 million subscribers But to get this far, he has released hundreds of videos on his main channel. All his videos get millions of views. Among his all succesful videos, there is one that is special for the YouTuber  It is none other than the Squid Game video.

The 24-year-old released this video in November 2021 and is based on the famous Korean thriller drama Squid Game on Netflix. Donaldson recreated the games from the show for this video, but they were not life-threatening like in the Netflix show. The winner of this recreated Squid Game also won $456,000.


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This video was an absolute hit and the most-watched MrBeast, gaining over 322 million views. This video also helped the YouTuber get closer to the 100 million mark. But one thing that his fans wondered is how much he might have spent to make this video. So, the YouTuber has also revealed the information related to the expense in this video.

MrBeast reveals how much he spent on the Squid Game video

This Squid Game video was supposed to be that video with a budget of over a million. But the budget he initially planned was nothing close to the original. The 24-year-old shared, “The squid game video was supposed to be $2,000,000, and then it’s like you’re writing it, you’re changing things, this is bigger than you thought.”


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Jimmy then explained the budget was raised to $2,500,000, and suddenly it was $3,000,000 due to some more changes. But that wasn’t the end, as MrBeast decided to give $1,000 to all the competitors. So, the budget ended up being $3,500,000. But it wasn’t the final amount that the 24-year-old spent on his video.

They had to take a couple of days longer to shoot the video. Hence some people didn’t know if they could stay. MrBeast had to pay them extra money to them. The YouTube megastar added, “All these little things just like add up. And it ended up being like a little over $4,000,000.”


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MrBeast promised his fans that he would spend over a million dollars. But his fans didn’t believe him, so he kept his word by making this most-watched video with $4,000,000. Since this video, the 24-year-old has made more big-budget videos like this. Have you watched any of them?


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