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“It’s Kinda Crazy” – MrBeast Leaves PewDiePie Astonished as He Rents Out an Entire Park for Their First Meeting

Published 05/10/2023, 10:20 AM EDT

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MrBeast and PewDiePie—these two names alone are worth over 250 million subscribers on YouTube. Felix had been the reigning king of the platform, boasting the biggest channel on the platform, until he was dethroned by Indian music company T-Series and then his good friend Jimmy himself. 

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Although PewDiePie and T-Series had a bitter rivalry that spawned a plethora of controversies, Mr. Donaldson has always been very chill with former YouTube king. Recently, both these massive internet personalities met each other in Japan. And being true to his reputation, Jimmy made such an arrangement that it even stunned his idol Felix!

MrBeast planned an extravagant meeting with PewDiePie 


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Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, may have made his name with a gaming channel, but it is very rare to see him posting any gaming-related content on his channel. He claims to be a “semi-retired” YouTuber who mainly focuses on creating a variety of content, including reactions, reviews, and mostly vlogs. 

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In one of his most recent vlogs, PewDiePie dropped two of the biggest bombshells. He shared that he and Marzia are expecting a baby boy! He revealed this news by showing a Koinobori flag in his vlog. Moreover, he also shared that soon he will be featured in one of MrBeast’s upcoming videos. Although Felix didn’t vlog his time with Jimmy, he shared some teases about what they did together. 


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He shared that he was supposed to meet him next month, but Jimmy changed the schedule. “It’s kinda crazy coz I was gonna meet up with Jimmy MrBeast, I thought it was next month, then he wrote it was today. I was like oh sh*t, I didn’t realize you were here so soon. But he wrote me, see you tomorrow at 1 Am” 


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Pewds shared that he and Jimmy planned to meet at Fuji-Q, one of Japan’s most famous amusement parks. Much to his surprise, upon reaching there, he realized the king of viral videos had booked the entire park for themselves. “Jimmy was cool, everyone in the crew was cool. It was a good time,” said Pewds in his closing remarks about the entire experience.


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