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“It’s Speed Confirmed” Fans Predict IShowSpeed’s Appearance in Sidemen’s 20v1 Video

Published 10/01/2023, 2:55 PM EDT

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IShowSpeed is currently one of the most popular streamers on YouTube. Known for his energy, fans often enjoy watching the streamer for hours on end. Although Speed is known for mostly streaming and reacting to videos on YouTube, he has been collaborating with other content creators around the world.

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Recently Speed joined the Sidemen Charity Match 2023, this is where the young streamer got to interact with many other content creators who were participating in the event. Although the charity event was one of the first times Speed showed up on Sidemen’s channel, that will definitely not be the last.

IShowSpeed predicted to participate in Sidemen’s 20 vs. 1 video


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Recently a video surfaced on Twitter with a clip of the Sidemen discussing the next 20 vs. 1 dating video. In the clip, the Sidemen were teasing the return of their 20 vs. 1 series. Fans got to see the team discuss who would participate in the challenge without disclosing the participant’s name.

Although no names were dropped, fans believe that the upcoming participant will be none other than IShowSpeed. The clip showed the team discussing the upcoming video and also mentioned that the contestant will be someone who featured in the Sidemen Charity Match 2023.


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While the Sidemen were being vague about if the person was a he/she or they, fans started to predict that it would be Speed. As the Sidemen teased the new video with a thumbnail, fans took to Twitter and shared their opinion on the post. Although some fans guessed a few different names, the most common answer was IShowSpeed.

Fans are convinced that IShowSpeed will feature in the upcoming video

Upon the release of the teaser, many fans took to Twitter to share their opinion on who will be the upcoming collaboration. While there was a divide in some audiences, with many predicting it to be the former professional Overwatch player xQc.

It was just the top comment that really felt like it would be xQc. Most of the other comments predicted the 20 vs. 1 contestant to be IShowSpeed.

One user also predicted IShowSpeed but went ahead with a funny response and said “It’s ishowmeat” with a reference to an accident flashing that he steamer experienced. This joke was further taken forward by Speed’s father who made a funny song to humor the moment some more.

Many fans were making predictions as to who will show up. But this one fan was not bothered as they believe that 20 vs 1 has been overdone.


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As many fans started to comment on their predictions, one fan expressed their disappointment as there will be a weekend of no sidemen Sunday video.


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Fans will need to wait for the latest video to drop to see who will feature in the upcoming video. The 20 vs 1 series will make a return after a short hiatus and many fans are awaiting the return of the series. With many fans predicting IShowSpeed to be the next guest, do you agree with their claims? Let us know in the comments below.

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