“It’s Super Unhealthy” – Mogul Mail Star Ludwig Advices Minecraft Fans to Not “Go to the Extremes” Amidst the Dream-Quackity Drama

Published 04/30/2023, 5:00 PM EDT

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The content creation and streaming scene has often witnessed multiple dramas over the years. The cause for them could have been something minor to a heated conflict. No one can say when a new drama will start, as it did with the ongoing one between Dream and Quackity.

There has been an ongoing drama going on between the two Minecraft creators over having the same content idea. The situation got even more heated than anyone would have expected it to be. Now it has also grabbed the attention of the YouTube streamer and creator Ludwig, who shared his thoughts on the matter.

Ludwig advises fans to not take this Minecraft drama to extremes


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Ludwig recently released a new video on his secondary channel, Mogul Mail, where he addressed everything related to the ongoing drama between two major Minecraft creators. For those who are unaware of this scene, both Dream and Quackity came up with multi-lingual Minecraft servers. It started a war among the fans about who came up with the idea first.

After going through every post, the Mogul Mail creator claimed that both the Minecraft creators simply came up with the same idea at the same time. He further stated there is no bad blood between the two. So, he advised fans, “If creators maybe don’t talk in person, you don’t have to extrapolate that thing. That means they hate each other and you need to match the vitriol of the creator you like and also hate the person they hate.”


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“They might just not be talking and that’s also fine.” The 27-year-old continued, “It doesn’t always have to go to the extremes. And I think that’s something a lot of people do with creators online and it’s super unhealthy.” Ahgren even explained he has been in situations when someone came with the same concept as him.

Both the Minecraft creators also haven’t accused each other of copying ideas. Instead, they are trying to avoid the entire drama and simply focusing on their upcoming SMP servers. So it seems there is no need for the fans to start a war about this matter, while the creators they are doing it for don’t have any issues with each other.


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What are your thoughts about this entire Minecraft drama between Dream and Quackity? Share in the comments below.


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