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“I’ve Never Been So Scared in My Entire Life”- Says YouTube Legend PewDiePie While Confirming Debut in a MrBeast Video

Published 05/26/2023, 1:50 PM EDT

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PewDiePie and MrBeast are arguably the most influential YouTubers to date. When the two biggest names in the YouTube industry met, there was definitely a lot of chatter among the fans about a collaboration. Both of them have amassed a massive loyal following for themselves, with millions of followers between the two. Their meeting in Japan also sparked the long unfulfilled wish of fans for collaboration between the two YouTube superstars.

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Now looks like the dream of the fans, for the collaboration between the two will finally become a reality. In his latest video, PewDiePie inadvertently revealed some information about the upcoming collaborative project between him and MrBeast.

PewDiePie spills information about his meeting with MrBeast


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In the latest episode of his ongoing meme review series, PewDiePie talked about meeting MrBeast in Japan. He started off the video by talking about this meeting. While scrolling through the comments on Reddit, he noticed one comment that called him shorter than MrBeast. Agreeing with this, he said, “Jimmy is a fr**king giant. Why is everyone so f***ing tall?” 

The YouTube legend also shared some information about the viral photo of the two YouTubers. They both clicked the photo on a sloped surface. Looking at how tall MrBeast is, PewDiePie joked that the former should stand at the bottom of the hill.


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But being the good person MrBeast is, he instantly agreed to do it. Laughing at this silly encounter, PewDiePie did not let this happen. Though this was not all that the 33-year-old shared with fans.

The YouTube legend reveals a collab video is in the works


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PewDiePie also started reminiscing about the video they both filmed together. However, fans did not know about the collab and his comments confirmed the existence of a video. “I don’t know if the video is up yet but it should be very fun,” He said. “I’ve never been so scared in my entire life,” he added along with the reveal.

He also shared the duo rode on one of the rollercoasters. Judging by how much fun the two YouTubers had meeting with each other, fans could expect the video to be a worthy watch too.


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