The streaming community is well-acquainted with getting exposed to sudden bans and the unpredictive nature of it dropping on a streamer, leaving the audience guessing. This is what exactly happened when Twitch streamer Adin Ross was recently banned from the platform for the seventh time. And the fans seem to not forget his tweet about asking Wednesday star Jenna Ortega for a dinner date.

The streamer had been attracting eyes for the past few days as he uploaded a video of him going bald on New Year. Some thought that he had done this for his close friend Andrew Tate. But he did voice that he was going bald to become disciplined. Recently, he did ‘shoot his shot’ at Netflix hit show Wednesday’s actor Jenna Ortega. And the timing of these instances cannot be unseen.

Fans speculate scenarios after Adin Ross receives a temporary ban on Twitch following his dinner date proposal to Netflix hit show star Jenna Ortega


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To keep the facts ahead, the reason for Ross’s ban has still not surfaced on the internet. What is known is the fact that he is temporarily banned from the platform. However, this does come a day after he tweeted and asked the Wednesday actress on a dinner date.

Ross had tweeted, Shooting my official shot at you @jennaortega #adinxjenna … just give me one chance to take you out to some nice dinner 🍽️.” As poetic as it may seem, the next day the news came of him getting temporarily banned from Twitch.

Industry news propagator GUARD Hunter (HUN2R) released a tweet with a meme photo of Ortega with the tweet of Ross’s ban attached to it. It is important to note that since the real reason has not surfaced, this all becomes speculative and is fruited from the chronology of the events.

As for the news of the streamer’s ban, people had questions regarding its foundations of happening. A person tweeted, “what did he do this time?” Whereas, another person tweeted, “He should have kept Jennas name out his mouth.” Meanwhile on user tweeted, “Jenna Ortega pulling some strings.”

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Also, the fans were appealing to remove the ban. To get a view of people’s reactions one can see the tweets below:

Mizkif receives a Twitch ban for aiding account suspension evasion

As the news of Ross getting banned hit the internet, the fans were exposed to another ban which was of Mizkif from Twitch. Mizkif was recently under news regarding his return to streaming which has been getting some attention after Game Rant reported his return to OTK after the sexual assault cover-up investigation.


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Industry journalist GUARD Hunter brought forward this news by tweeting, “Mizkif has been banned on Twitch, seemingly for ‘aiding account suspension evasion’ according to his email from Twitch.” Thus, the fans would be looking forward to learning new developments regarding the bans of the respective streamers.


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What do you think is the reason for Ross’ Twitch ban? Do tell us in the comments below.

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