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Kai Cenat Puts a Stop to Massive ‘Mafiathon’ Allegations, Says “On Everything I Love, I Remember, I Haven’t Used Any Ideas”

Published 05/26/2023, 10:10 AM EDT

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Once you rise to fame, there are tons of people trying to pull you down. Some might do it out of jealousy, and others because of competition. But then, there’s a small group that is not concerned about both, as they just want to cause trouble for the celebrities. For that, they can cross any limits, bad-mouth and defame the stars only to experience the clout. 

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This has been the case with Twitch’s top creator, Kai Cenat as he fell prey to unnecessary controversy. Apparently, a Twitter user accused him of not paying despite tons of work done, so Kai had to shut them down. 

Kai Cenat knows the perfect way to handle troublemakers on the internet 


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On May 26, 2023, Twitter user @itslclc slammed allegations of a ‘scam’ over Kai Cenat. They claimed to have been approached for an opportunity to work with Kai Cenat and Dremo. Plus, the latter set up a Discord where the Twitter user had to create an exclusive document. The thought was to list down 100+ ideas for which the streamers would pay $150 each. To support the statements, the Twitter user also shared screenshots as proof.

Apparently, Dremo claimed to start a creative direction for every streamer, and that he would lead the gig. However, the ideas would stem from itslclc, for which he would get paid. 


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“I’m going to run the creative direction behind every top streamer. And I need a team of people who are serious about wanting to make something in the content space or just social media, in general. I’m 17 and projected to make $3.6 million a year, off internet money this year,” one of the messages read.

And then, he also asked the Twitter users to make a sheet for Kai Cenat’s ‘Mafiathon.’ Dremo promised to link them up with Kai if he liked the ideas, but sadly that never went through. So, they had to upload an exposing Tweet, calling out the Twitch streamer. However, Kai instantly addressed the situation on his recent stream, sharing his side of it. 

“Okay, if this is creative ideas behind the subathon, this is cap! Me and (Kai Cenat’s associate) sat down for ideas for subathon. Booked everything in January and it’s executed. Dremo, shout-out to Dremo, Dremo helped me with my e-dates. Y’all know what I do with Dremo,” he said while clearing the confusion. 


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Followed by that, Kai added, “I remember Dremo telling me he’s going to put together a creative team. Yes! I can admit that. But chat, as far as I recall, I do not remember one… I remember… do I have any ideas? I know, I haven’t used any ideas. For sure! On everything I love, I remember, I haven’t used any ideas.”

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This assurance from Kai made it clear that he was aware of the whole situation, but in the dark at the same time. After all, Dremo should’ve informed Cenat of the whole thing, and based on the ideas listed, it would have been great!


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