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MrBeast’s Close Aide Recreates Wildly Popular Gordon Ramsay Meme With the Man Himself; Pokimane, Valkyrae and Several Others Respond

Published 05/30/2022, 8:31 AM EDT

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MrBeast, Karl, and his team have been the talk of the town for the past couple of days. This is because they have been working on some of the biggest projects of their lives. From building wells in small villages of Africa to shooting some of the most expensive stunts, the crew has done it all. 

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But that’s just another milestone they parred, as MrBeast and co are building a Willy Wonka style chocolate factory. Keeping that in mind, let’s move on.


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On May 30, MrBeast’s crew member uploaded a photo with the Hell’s Kitchen star while recreating one of his iconic dialogues in the show. For those in the dark, Gordon Ramsay will feature in MrBeast’s Willy Wonka factory. Jimmy confirmed it last night as he flaunted his Willy Wonka costume standing beside him.

Karl Jacob recreates one of the most iconic Gordon Ramsay moments with the man himself!

Karl Jacobs joined MrBeast’s team two years back during the lockdown. Since then, he has been part of multiple collaboration videos with the Youtuber. The 23-year-old was last featured on MrBros’ ‘Last To Leave Halloween Candy Wins $10,000′ challenge, after which he juggled between the worlds of creation and direction. Recently, he uploaded a photo with culinary star Gordon Ramsay while creating one of his most iconic moments, ‘I’m an idiot sandwich.’

It was just a matter of minutes that the post flooded with comments as people considered Karl very lucky. Let’s look at what they had to say.


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Gordon’s meme moment from Hell’s Kitchen and connection with MrBeast’s crew!


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For those who don’t know, the above statement is from Gordon Ramsay’s show Hell’s Kitchen. He holds talk-show host Julie Chen’s head between two slices of bread in the scene while yelling at her. 

Interestingly, the statement ‘I’m an idiot sandwich.’ became so popular that every one of us has come across it on some of the other meme channels. 

Apart from this, Gordon Ramsay is all set to feature as a judge in MrBeast Willy Wonka factory challenge. The duo was seen together on Jimmy’s Twitter post. 


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