“Kick if You Wanted Us, You Could Have Had Us” – Kai Cenat Lashes Out at the Twitch’s Counterpart Weeks After the $40 Million Signing Reports Surfaced

Published 05/27/2023, 7:30 AM EDT

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Fans were eager to watch the new show by the popular duo Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed. But what came as a surprise is when the duo migrated to a different platform for their show. That is, Kai Cenat is an affiliated partner of Twitch. Whereas YouTube homes IShowSpeed. But both of them did not go into those platforms.

There were even rumors about Kick being interested in bringing the talented stars together. But apparently, that too went in vain. Now in the first episode of the Kai N’ Speed show, Kai Cenat called out Kick for not being able to sign them properly

Kai Cenat calls out Kick for not taking the necessary steps


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Clouds of questions headed towards Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed after they teased their upcoming show. One main point among them was, where will the duo publish their collaborative project? Kai had mentioned that they were looking for a platform that offered creative liberties with leniency. Though Twitch was his home at the moment, he expressed that the show might not be fit for Twitch. Especially as he got banned for a few days soon after his subathon.


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Thus people started speculating about other platforms that fit Kai Cenat’s description, and all eyes fell on Kick, the up-and-coming streaming space. Even Adin Ross was seen expressing his desire to bring Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed to his new home. Adin even stated that Kick offered lucrative buyouts to the Kai N’ Speed show duo, which they turned down.

Now, in the pilot episode, Kai Cenat was seen calling out Kick, and it seems that he and Speed had thoughts about joining the green platform. “You know what, yo Kick if you wanted us, you could have had us. W Rumble N***a,” stated Kai Cenat. Apparently, there were more intrinsic details to the offer Adin Ross mentioned.


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It seems that Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed had intentions to join Kick, but chances are that the negotiations went downhill. Maybe there were creative differences between the green platform and the duo or it may as well be remuneration debates. Anyway, from the looks of it, Rumble was able to meet the demands of the duo and thus they are currently quite happy on the platform.


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This was an insight on the whole Kick debacle that was going on for a while, ever since Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed announced their show on Rumble.

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