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Mischievous Roblox Spin-Off Spells Danger For Fans’ Accounts

Published 07/24/2022, 2:32 AM EDT

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The gaming community is infamous for its trolling culture. Although most of these trolls are harmless sometimes they can seriously harm an individual’s mood. Many games like Roblox, Minecraft, etc. are serious games, and losing even a single stat can ruin their whole experience. Let alone thinking about losing their accounts to some silly troll.

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That is what happening nowadays for Roblox players when they download a pirated rip-off of the game. Which then targets the game’s automation voice moderation software to trick it into thinking that the player said something inappropriate. But the question that arises is that real?


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Are Roblox accounts getting banned?

It is debatable for now. Since there are many such apps and software on the internet that can actually get a player’s account banned for good. Although not very common, sometimes the need for better gameplay or free Roblox can take advantage of players’ innocence. There are also many items in the Roblox community itself that uses additional scripts to hack into someone’s account and get them permanently banned.

Although Roblox has a security check installed for such malicious scripts and codes, sometimes players just overlook them and get attacked by these codes. Notably, these techniques are also used by many 3rd party software that promises free items in the game. 


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How to get your account back?


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For those who don’t know, a post has been circulating on the internet asking players not to open the link. This link, when clicked on, then takes the player to a spin-off server where they can play the game for a few minutes, after which the game automatically logs out. After a few attempts, when the players try to log in the account gets banned for a day, or sometimes permanently. Fans call this the ‘Ban Wave‘.

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The spin-off games get your account gets banned for basically 2 reasons. Either for violating Roblox community guidelines or trying something unacceptable with 3rd party software. It is more plausible with the first case to get your account banned just by simply generating false speech text from your accounts.


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Well basically, Roblox can unban accounts if the player provides them with workable proof of innocence. These can be any video proof or written documents that can support your case. Although Roblox has unbanning accounts without any proof, it is still important for players to stay aware of the scam.



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