MrBeast and Ninja Reveal Their First Team Picks For Their Massive $150,000 Showdown

Published 07/06/2022, 3:10 PM EDT

After a long wait, MrBeast and Ninja finally unveiled the first members of their team who will join the heated head-to-head clash at the face-off event, the Ultimate Crown.

MrBeast and Ninja announced this face-off battle after a series of trash-talking on Twitter. The battle between the two internet legends will take place on July 9 at the Hyper X Esports Arena in Las Vegas. Moreover, the winner would take home $150,000, so they have a lot on the line.


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Who are the first members of Ninja and MrBeast’s team?

MrBeast and Ninja will lock their horns but in a League of Legends match. So, they can’t do it alone and would need a team. So, fans have been wondering whom they will have on the team. They had many speculations about the teams, including names like xQc and Pokimane.


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However, the internet stars finally revealed the first member of their teams. The YouTube star Jimmy Donaldson has revealed the Twitch streamer and cosplayer, Emily “Emiru” Schunk, a content creator, to be the first member of his team. So, MrBeast has got a strong player on board for the battle.

As for Ninja, he is an excellent League of Legends himself player, but he also got a League of Legend maestro on his team. Ninja has Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng on his squad. He is a former Esports player who has participated in multiple League of Legends tournaments. Peng is undoubtedly an excellent choice by the Twitch legend to go against MrBeast and Emiru.

MrBeast and Ninja fight over a player for their team

Aside from Emiru and Doublelift, both teams still have many spots left. Now, fans want to know the rest of the team members. But there is one name that both MrBeast and Ninja want in their team. And that name is of the YouTube streamer Sapnap.


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In a recent promotional video for the Ultimate Crown, MrBeast asked a crew member about whom Ninja wants on his team. The Crown member revealed that the Twitch streamer was eyeing Sapnap. MrBeast was in shock after hearing it as he also wanted the young YouTube Streamer on his team.

With only two more days left for the epic battle between the two internet giants, we will soon get to know the rest of the team members.


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Whom would you support in the Ultimate Crown: MrBeast vs. Ninja? Comment your thoughts in the comment section below.



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